How to Invoicing Your Customers Using Sage 50 Accounts

How to Invoicing Your Customers Using Sage 50 Accounts
Sage 50 helps the users for the invoicing the customers. This software provides the professional and easy solution for the invoicing of the customers. Sage 50 can provide the services to create the both types of invoice. Product invoice and service invoice. To use the Sage 50 for the invoicing the customers, user have to set up the product records in the Sage 50 software.

Product Invoicing with Sage 50 Accounts

Sage 50 can be used by users for the product invoicing. For the product invoicing, user need to put all the necessary information about the product in the Sage 50 software. There are some important information about the product should be put in Sage 50 like the cost price and the selling price to make the product invoicing easy. Sage 50 can ask for the product code when user tries for product invoicing. So it is very important to check all information about the product.

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Service Invoicing with Sage 50 Accounts

The service invoicing is used in Sage 50 for those businesses which do not sell the products. This type of business provides the services to their clients.  Sage 50 can be very helpful in such businesses for the service invoicing. Service invoicing is an easy process as compared to the product invoicing. In the service invoicing, user can enter all the information directly into the columns. You can do it simply by typing the text notes. Sage 50 provides the facility to simplify and management of the service invoicing.

In the customer invoicing, the user can enter all the data about the client and product or service provided to them. Sage 50 works in the way such that the invoice of the customer contains all the details in a well mannered way. So that client or customer can easily understand the invoice. The owner of the company can also manage the invoices in such a way that which are paid or not paid. The invoices can be managed according to the name or dates. The user can also directly send the copy of invoice to the customer by email or other online service. This copy of invoice can be send to client after completion of it.

Sage 50 has many options to customize the invoice of clients. Both product invoice and service invoice can be made in different ways easily. All information also can be stored for the future invoices of same customers. Owner can also select the paid invoices and can separate them from the unpaid ones. This facility is very useful when the user deals with the large number of customers. Product invoicing has two sections; one is for the client information and another for the product information. The service invoicing has only information about the client and service. They do not need any cash price or selling price.

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Sage 50 can perform both the product invoices. There invoicing processes can be simply performed by using the Sage 50. This makes the process very simple for the user and user can easily send the invoices to different customers.

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Invoicing customers is an important feature of Sage 50 software. It provides both to create and service invoice. The software makes invoicing process very easy and simple. At times, there may be instances when you need sage accounting support. There are certain technical and functional queries related to the software that can be reported to the sage support contact. Land to and call to the toll free sage support contact number .

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