How to Edit and Delete Transaction on Sage 50?

Edit and Delete Transaction on Sage

You may face certain situations where you either need to delete the receipt or edit it which you earlier welcomed to serve the customer. It can either be a payment on account or invoice receipt or the refund that you have given them. It depends on the transaction whether it has been bank reconciled or not.

Steps to Edit and Delete Transaction on Sage 50

  • Click on the Banking.
  • Now, select the Bank Account. Now, to edit the transaction, you need to select it.

To Edit or Verify the Following Information:

  • For an invoice allocated with receipt, follow these steps:
  • Click on the Checkbox to clear the field. The invoice will be unallocated from the receipt.
  • Click on the Checkbox to clear the field. Now, use the different invoice to allocate the receipt. Now, click on the checkbox to allocate the invoice.
  • Now, click on the Paid Column or Discount for an item. This will help you in editing the amount that you have paid against a specific invoice. Now, select the Save button.
  • Now, check if any outstanding amount is left or not. You have to save the unallocated amount in the form of account payment. Now, select Yes.

The receipt has been successfully edited and it will show new details in the customer’s account and in your bank.

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Steps to Edit Customer’s Refund (Reconciled)

  • Select the Banking
  • Now, select the bank account and then to edit the transaction, edit it.

Edit or Verify the Following Information:

Follow one of the following steps:

  • Click on the checkbox to clear the item and then the refund will be allocated to the different transaction. Now, to refund the transaction, click on the checkbox.
  • If there is more than one payment or credit note to be covered, you need to click on the checkbox to mark additional transaction.
  • Select the Save button.

The refund has successfully been modified and the new details will be appeared on the customer’s account and in the bank also.

  • Now, select Banking
  • Select the Bank Account
  • To delete the transaction, you need to click on the checkbox, it is next to the transaction.
  • Now, select Delete.
  • Select Yes.

You would no longer see the transaction in your account. If it is allocated to another transaction, the transaction will be shown the outstanding transaction.

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 💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

How to Reconcile a Transaction that has been edited or deleted?

🔹 Firstly, you will need to unreconciled it and then reconcile it again after making the changes.
🔹 If you have deleted a reconciled transaction, you will need to unreconciled any transactions that were affected by the deleted transaction,
🔹 Then make the necessary adjustments, and then reconcile all the transactions again.

How to prevent Accidental Deletion of Transactions?

Sage 50 allows you to set up user access and permissions to control who can edit and delete transactions. You can also use the audit trail feature to track changes made to transactions, including deletions.

Is it possible to Edit or Delete a Transaction that has already been Reconciled?

Yes, you can edit or delete a transaction that has already been reconciled. However, you will need to unreconcile the transaction first before making any changes.

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