How to Solve Sage Error Code Ause001?

Solve Sage Error Code Ause001

Though Sage 50 is popular and useful accounting software, like any software in any domain you can think of, Sage 50 is also not 100% free of bugs or errors. Users often get the Sage Error code Ause001 on the screen while updating the Sage 50 application. This error indicates that the Sage Update Service can’t be connected at the moment or the checking-service host can’t be connected.

Have you also experienced this issue of late and are searching for easy solutions to fix it? We know, it can be quite annoying to encounter such errors while being in the middle of something extremely important. Your worries are about to go away! Simply go through this blog till the end. Here, we will describe an easy and step-by-step procedure to resolve this issue. Carry out the steps mentioned here and ensure that this error never comes to trouble you again!

Let’s first get to know what this error is all about

What is the Sage Error Code Ause001?

Sage users often get the Error code Ause001 message on their screens while updating the Sage 50 software application. It indicates that the system cannot connect with the Sage Update Service or with the checking-service host.

Possible Reasons for Occurrence of the Sage Error Code Ause001?

Many functional and technical issues contribute to the occurrence of the Sage Error code ause001. Some of these are mentioned below-

  • Existence of damaged windows files in your system
  • Improper uninstall of any windows file
  • Incomplete installation  of a windows file
  • Due to issues related to hardware
  • Improper shutdown of the Windows operating system
  • Improper deletion of any system file
  • Invalid card number
  • Incorrect CVV  number or card expiry date
  • Insufficient balance in the card
  • Virus or malware attack.

Important Points to Consider Before Troubleshooting the Sage Error Code Ause001

Before starting the troubleshooting process for this error, you should  consider  the below-mentioned points. It will  make sure that the troubleshooting is  smooth:

  • Visit the website to ensure that the update service is available
  • Open a secure web page and verify whether  you have a stable internet connection to communicate uninterruptedly with the server
  • Log in only as an administrator. This way, you will be able to make necessary  changes on your system during the troubleshooting process
  • If  you are  using  a proxy server, do make sure that its configuration is proper.

How to Resolve Sage Error Code Ause001?

Here is a simple step-by-step procedure to fix the Sage Error code Ause001. Please follow the steps sequentially to stop the issue from occurring again-

  • Press the Windows start key on your keyboard
  • Select All Programs
  • Go to Accessories
  • Click System Restore
  • Now select Restore My Computer
  • Click Next  to proceed
  • From the list appearing on your screen, click Check My Computer
  • Click the Next  button again
  • You will receive a confirmation on your screen
  • Click Next  to proceed
  • After the restoration gets completed, you will be prompted to restart the computer
  • Now you will need to download the Repair Kit
  • Install this software on your system
  • Now click on Scan
  • Tab on Start the Scanning. It will detect if there is any virus/malware and will kill the same
  • After the task completes, restart the computer
  • Check if you are still getting the error message. If so, you may speak to the bank. Alternately, you can clean the cookies.

Final Words!

We hope the troubleshooting steps mentioned above have helped you a great deal to fix the Sage Error code Ause001 on your Computer. Still, have questions? Talk to our experts 1800 964 3096 for quicker resolution.  

🔷Frequently Asked Questions🔷

Q1. What Should I Consider Before Troubleshooting the Sage Error code Ause001?

Ans: Before starting the resolution process for Sage error code AUSE001, you would do well to consider the below-mentioned points. It will make the process smooth and more efficient:

🔷 Open a secure web page and check if your internet connection is stable enough to communicate with the server
🔷 Do make sure to log in as administrator. This will enable you to make important  changes to your system, that are required while troubleshooting
🔷 Visit the site to ensure that the update service is made available
🔷 In case  you use using  a proxy server, ensure that its configuration is correct

Q2. Which One is Better – Sage 50 or Sage 100?

Ans: Both are useful software for businesses. However, Sage 100 is a true ERP system and if you need more functionality to match your business growth, it has more to offer you.

Q3. What Type of Companies is Sage 50 More Useful For?

Ans: Sage 50 is considered more useful for comparatively smaller companies that do not expect an influx of over 10 users at a particular point in time.

Q4. Is it Mandatory to Upgrade My Sage 2017 to the Sage 2021 Version?

Ans: No, it’s not. You do not need to upgrade every year. In fact, some users are still using older Sage versions such as Sage 2015. However, in case you upgrade the operating system in your computer (for example, from Windows 2007 to Windows 2010 ) you may find out that your older version of Sage is not running any longer on your computer. But, you must always update your existing Sage version whenever any new service release is released.

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