How to Install and Setup the Data Transfer Utility in Sage 50

installing and setting up data transfer utility

As the name suggests, the Data Transfer Utility allows you to quickly and easily download and merge completed slips and transactional data from the Sage 50 Timeslips eCenter account to your Timeslips database. Using simple parameters, the Data Transfer Utility automatically transfers the data, while allowing you to monitor and regulate the process. It also help you to synchronize names between the eCenter and the database, so as to keep all the clients, tasks, expenses, and references up to date. In short, by automating the process, the Data Transfer Utility reduces your effort of manually transferring slips from eCenter to your Timeslips database, so that you can focus on things that matter the most for your business.

Important Points to Consider

Before you proceed to install and set up the Sage 50 data transfer utility, please note the following points-

  • ¬†Make¬†sure¬†that¬†Timeslips¬†is¬†installed¬†on¬†your¬†computer
  • The¬†Windows UAC¬†(¬†User¬†Access¬†Control) must¬†be¬†set¬†to ‚Äėnever¬†notify‚Äô .¬†¬†

How to Downloading the Sage Data Transfer Utility

Follow the below mentioned steps to download the Data Transfer Utility on your computer. However, please note that Timeslips must be installed on the computer where you want to download and execute the Utility. Also, Windows User Account Controls must be set to ‚ÄėNever notify‚Äô for proper installation of the Data Transfer Utility.

  • Visit¬†¬†and search for the¬†Download Data Transfer Utility¬†button. It will be in the lower right corner.
  • Press the Download button and run the¬†installdtu.exe¬†file.
  • Click Next to start the setup wizard.
  • Browse to the location where your Timeslips program is installed on your computer. The Wizard will locate it and save the master files by creating a subdirectory called¬†eCenter.
  • Click¬†Next¬†to accept the default location. Else, you can browse to a different directory and install your files there.
  • Create the start menu shortcut for the correct program folder and click¬†Next.
  • Click¬†Install¬†to start the installation process.
  • Finally, click¬†Finish to complete the process.

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Setting up the Sage Data Transfer Utility

  • Log into the account as Administrator and click Next.
  • Select the clients that you want to include in the transfer. Clients on the right will be included, while clients on the left will be excluded during the transfer process.
  • Click Next to proceed to the next step.
  • Now, select the tasks that you want to include in the transfer process. Tasks on the right will be included, while tasks on the left will be excluded during the transfer process.
  • Click Next to proceed to the next step.
  • Select expenses that you want to include in the transfer process. Expenses on the right will be included, while expenses on the left will be excluded during the transfer process.
  • Click Next to proceed further.
  • Check items that you want to transfer when synchronizing and uncheck items that you want to exclude from the synchronization process. Data that does not changed often can be excluded to fasten the transfer process.
  • Now, click Finish to complete the setup wizard.
  • For the first time, click Synchronize to synchronize and transfer all data.
  • Once the synchronization and transfer process is complete, click OK to finish.

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Simple, isn’t it? By following the aforementioned steps you can easily download and set up the Data Transfer Utility and make your routine synchronization task simple and easy. However, if case you need help while following the process or are facing problems or error messages while downloading the Utility, remember, expert help is just a call away. Dial our toll free number to speak to our Sage specialists who can efficiently resolve all your issues and help you easily download the Data Transfer Utility and synchronize it with your Sage Timeslips eCenter to help you get going. Our experts will also explain you the process in an easy to understand technical language so that you never have to face any issues while using your Data Transfer Utility.

Conclusion :

We are one of the leading independent remote Sage tech support providers for Sage Accounting software. We are backed by an ardent team of Sage support specialists who have years of experience and complete technical knowledge in resolving all kinds of problems and error messages that you might encounter while working with your Sage Accounting software. Our experts are known for providing bespoke solutions and give complete technical assistance up to the last minute to ensure the smooth functioning of your software.

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ūüĒ∑Frequently Asked QuestionsūüĒ∑

How to Transfer Sage 50 Data Backup From One Computer to Another?

Please follow the steps sequentially-
ūüĒ∑ Take a proper¬†backup of your Sage¬†50¬†data
ūüĒ∑ To do this ,log in to the company for which you want to take a back up
ūüĒ∑ Now go¬†to¬†File
ūüĒ∑ Click on¬†Back up
ūüĒ∑ Store it on an external device.
ūüĒ∑ Connect¬†the¬†device¬†to¬†the¬†new¬†computer¬†where¬†you¬†want to¬†transfer¬†your data to
ūüĒ∑ Click Next.
ūüĒ∑ Go¬†to the location where you have¬†stored¬†your backup file.
ūüĒ∑ Click on the Open tab
ūüĒ∑ Give your¬†file an appropriate name
ūüĒ∑ Click on Save
ūüĒ∑ Click Next
ūüĒ∑ Tab on Finish to end the procedure.

Is it Necessary to Meet the Sage 50 system Requirements before transferring data to another computer?

Yes. The computer where you want to transfer Sage 50 data to ,must adhere tothe minimum system requirements to install the Sage 50 software.    

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