Setup up Database in Act by Sage

How to Setup up Database in Act by Sage

To Setup up a database in the act by sage can allow the user all the better synchronization of various features rolled into a single platform. One of the main aspects of the Act is that it allows the users to be able to customize various features like Contacts, opportunities and customers by the addition of fields that are specific to the company’s requirements. This in turn helps the users to be able to undertake various specific marketing campaigns by accessing the company’s database and setting up certain customers and contact groups.

Hence, with the help of Act one can easily include any database customization and utilize the features to achieve the ultimate in potential. 

The Features of ACT CRM 

Now, let us take a look at some of the more attractive features of ACT that make it such a rage among users:

Easily Customizable 

As mentioned earlier, Act is easy to customized into integrating the customers, contacts, and other events and opportunities that can be customized to suit the company’s requirements. Hence, the complete access to data by Act makes it possible to realize the maximum potential according to the field that the company belongs to. 

Is Scalable 

Three different versions of Act are available: Premium, Pro and Cloud. Let us take a brief look at each of them:

Sage Premium Version : This can be used to sync with the Microsoft SQL database at its core. This version is also great as it allows speed and performance which ensures that a large number of contacts can be easily added. As for the Premium SQL version, around 50 users can share from the organization with almost unlimited records. 

Sage Pro Version : This version utilizes the propriety database with a large limit of about 100000 contacts in its database. However, it also comprises the limit on the number of users that can access the database. 

Can be Used to Work Offline

This is perhaps one of the most efficient features of the Act. It can be used for mobile users who work offline. Also, the changes can be synced accordingly within the main database as soon as they connect the next time. This is one of the best ways to ensure maximum productivity even while working remotely. 

Act CRM for Marketing Automation

Some of the most remarkable facilities offered by Act for marketing includes:

  • Managing sophisticated marketing workflows
  • Efficient management of marketing campaigns
  • To be able to generate powerful leads 
  • Email marketing
  • Social media Integration
  • To be able to manage marketing assets
  • To be able to manage marketing reports and Metrics

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One can easily plan and create campaigns by sophisticated workflow functionality. This is further enhanced with the help of options offered in the Campaign templates. One can also utilize the segment data from Act for the use of the campaign, along with the email for the same. Also, one can easily work and report on campaign leads and also make use of multiple channel campaigns. 

Act CRM for Marketing Automation

The campaign workflow offers visual Design tools and Automated Campaign stages. One can be sure to never miss an opportunity with the help of the Automated Task by Rules-based events. Also one can expect a good amount of improved marketing effectiveness with the help of Automated customer communications. Finally, the campaign workflow goes a notch up in Act with the help of the added triggered-based activities. 

Likewise, the lead generation offered by Act ensures that the leads are kept happy and engaged. One can generate leads from Designer Web forms and also attractive Email templates. Also, this can be used to target leads from within the Act CRM by targeting leads from start to finish. The fact that you can easily work closely with the sales on leads and apps. The Drip feed marketing allows the user to nurture leads and also report on the response rates and lead ROI. 

The Act email marketing is yet another powerful tool to enhance the productivity of your business. One can make use of Automated email marketing campaigns and create some of the best-looking emails. With the help of the Act e-marketing web forms, one can easily track open rates, Bounces and clicks among others. Also, the segment Act CRM data for email campaigns helps in the better performance of A/B testing and also set up triggered events based on emails that are sent. 

The Act CRM and social media help in the better integration of social media. This helps in the better deepening of the relationships with the customers and also engages with them in real-time. Now, you can connect Act CRM with various social media platforms like Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin, Instagram and others. 

Other than the above one can also create some of the most attractive designer emails and landing pages. Also, the collection of contact details is further possible with Web forms. Creation of attractive designs is also now just a breeze with the help of Act, as it allows you to select from a wide range of landing pages, wherein you can easily select the email templates that can be customised by you. Act also allows you to collect contact details from campaigns and select from the wide choices of mobile phone email templates as well. The wonderful designs offered help increase the response rate. 

The Act CRM marketing response helps in the better analysis of marketing metrics and to be able to edit preconfigured reports. With the help of detailed campaign reports, detailed campaign reports and customisable dashboards and reports one can expect huge leaps in the overall final results in the case of productivity. Finally, the report on ROI and response rates are also one of the most striking features of the Act. 

For Sales 

As mentioned previously, Act CRM is powerful for salesforce automation software. This allows for comprehensive salesforce Automation and also be able to better management of sales forecasts and opps. When integrated with email and Office 365 the results are flexible, scalable and also quick.

This feature is available in four different versions:

  • Act ! CRM starter
  • Act ! CRM Professional 
  • Act ! CRM Premier
  • Act ! CRM Ultimate 

The comprehensive Salesforce Automation features allow for better opportunity management and also sales process management. Sales tracking and Territory management are also a breeze. One can easily manage sales terms and targets and also accomplish the same from start to finish. 

Some of the Main Comprehensive CRM Features include 

  • Scheduling and dairy management
  • Relationship management
  • Contact and account management
  • Recording all the activities with the clients
  • Allowing timely follow-ups to be able to never miss a call
  • Automatic follow-ups and workflows

Territory Management With Act

One can easily set up territories with each salesperson and also segment and organise clients by territory. You can easily track sales forecasts by territory, and report and monitor sales by the same. Other add-ons include route planners and also map customers in Google maps.

Sales Forecasting Opportunity Management with the help of Act CRM

One can make use of the Sales pipeline to manage sales forecasts. One can easily manage opportunities and close deals faster. Also, the task of monitoring pipeline Metrics and being able to focus on some of the best opportunities. Once again to be able to track leads from the start to the finish. Hence, you can make the most to improve the pipeline process. 

The Act CRM Sales Mobile App

This is perhaps one of the most fun aspects of the Act CRM, its Sales mobile app. Now, with the help of this, one can easily access all the data while on the go. The other attractive aspects include the interactive maps, Activities, Calendar, and History. One of the most important features is the Sales pipeline management along with the Actionable Dashboards. Now you can easily work either online or offline with the help of the all-exclusive Act CRM Sales Mobile app. The cherry on top? Well, you can access it on Android, Apple, and also Windows. 

How to Setup up Database in Act by Sage

Foremost it is important to understand the importance of setting up a database in Act by Sage. To, start with, this is a ‘killer combination’ where this super-couple of Sage and Act offers a rather organized overview of the other teams, people, organizations and companies you are associated with.

The other striking features of this collaboration include:

  • To be able to create jobs, clients, and vendors in Sage contractor from the Act companies
  • To be able to create jobs and clients offered from the opportunities from Act.
  • One can easily manage the transfer of various useful information all across the Sales, Accounting and project management.

The Requirements

To be able to set up the database in Act by Sage you will need the following: 

  • Installation of the Sage
  • Act Premium or Act Pro versions
  • The availability of the Act plug-in

The Act Plug-in Installation

To be able to install the Act plug-in you will have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Drive where Sage has been installed 
  • Go to the Plug-in folder and double click on ACTpluginSetup.exe file \\

To Setup up Database in Act by Sage

Before you proceed to install the Sage Act link for Sage Simply Accounting, you will need to install Sage ACT along with the current version of Sage Simply Accounting.

Installation of Sage ACT link from Sage Simply Accounting CD:

  • Start by closing both the Sage Act or Sage Simply Accounting 
  • Insert the Sage Simply Accounting CD into the system. Now, click on the Additional Products option
  • Click Install Sage Act link for Sage Simply Accounting 
  • Finally follow the instructions provided to complete the process of installation 

To Set up the Link to Sage Simply Accounting

  • Click open the Contact database in Sage Act
  • If you wish to create a new contact database, you will need to click on New database option located in the main Toolbar
  • Here, you need to enter the name of your contact database
  • Browse to select the location where to select the Saved file
  • Enter the User name
  • Go to the Accounting link Menu and click on Setup 
  • This will display the Accounting Link Setup wizard 
  • Follow the instructions and click on Next
  • In case the Sage Simply Accounting does not appear in the Drivers list, click on Cancel to shut down the wizard and exit from the Sage ACT. Follow steps 1 to 3. 
  • In case the Sage Accounting driver is not yet listed, you need to shut the Sage ACT and reinstall the Sage Act link. 
  • To know more about the Sage Act accounting integration you need to click on Search the Internet option
  • In case do not find Sage Simply Accounting Company listed, click on the select company and browse to select your company file.
  • In case you need to view or modify the default mapping of Sage Simply Accounting customer and Vendor fields to the Sage Act contact field, click on Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions offered if you wish to modify the default data mapping 
  • Click on Finish to create the link between the Sage Act contact database and the Sage simply accounting company.

Setting up of Act Integration 

To do so, you will have to follow the below steps:

  • Log on to ACT
  • Go to the Tools menu and Click on Sage 100 contractor Company Settings
  • Click to enable the company in Sage 100 contractor you wish to set up in Act
  • Go to the Username column and enter the username of the API user setup in 7-3-2  User list in Sage contractor
  • Go to the Password column and enter the Password of the API user setup in 7-3-2 user list in Sage 100 Contractor
  • Click Ok

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So, there you have it, people. These are some of the very important aspects, facts and features related to the Act. However, we all are aware of the benefits of Sage for business growth and development. It is a much sought-after financial software that has been a rage world over due to its user-friendly features. However, the power couple of Sage and Act together makes it into an invincible combination that allows the business to grow many-folds like never before. If you need technical support just dial 1800 964 3096.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How and where can we Set up the Database in Sage?

In order to do this, you need to:
1. Begin by Clicking on Start 
2. Go to All Programs 
3. Next go to Sage 300 
4. Now go to Database Setup.
5. Next Sign in using the administrator password.
6. Now Click New.
7. In case of the Database ID, enter exactly the same case-sensitive code as the DSN created by you for this company database. 
8. Finally Select Company as the database category

Can you Synchronize the Act Database?

Yes, one can access the Synchronization Panel within the Tools menu and also Synchronize database option. With this option you can either enable or disable synchronization. Bear in mind that the Synchronization should be enabled before any Subscriber databases can be created or synchronized.

Can one Create a User in Act?

To do this, you need to start by clicking the Sign up for an ACT account link. Next Use the Create an ACT Account page inorder to identify yourself as a unique user of the system. Now Enter your email address into the *Primary Email Address field

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