How to Troubleshoot Sage 50 Account Out of Balance Error

balance error on sage 50

When businesses grow, accounting becomes complex and difficult. Professional accounting software like Sage 50 automates the accounting process and makes things simple and less time consuming even for a novice user. However, at times, running financial reports on Sage 50 results in errors. One such error is ‘Account out of balance’. This error occurs if there’s a discrepancy in your accounts balance and needs manual intervention.

So, if you are facing “Sage 50 Account out of balance” error while working on your Sage 50 accounting software and need help, here are some simple steps that you can carry out to troubleshoot the issue manually.

Reason Behind Sage 50 Account Out of Balance Error

  • When the types of the account have been modified
  • Corrupted transactions
  • Damaged custom report
  • Missing custom report from the general ledger account
  • When the General ledger trail balance is being refined for particular accounts
  • If the account should be zero but it has a balance
  • Out of balance subsidiary companies

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How to Fix Sage 50 Account Out of Balance Error

Here we are mentioned some steps to fix this issue:

Method 1- Corrupted or Incorrectly Customized Report

  • If you using a customized Trial Balance report or Balance sheet report then run its standard version
  • If the custom version contains an error then delete the customized report
  • Now use the standard report as the initial or right custom report to recreate it.

Method 2- Execute the Journal Synchronization /Chart of Accounts Test

  • Run the Journal Balances test
  • Choose Help button
  • Hit Support Utilities, select Integrity Check and then select the Continue tab
  • Give a click on box named Journal Balances
  • Hit OK button
  • Next Run the G/L Balances test then hit the Help tab
  • Choose Support Utilities, click Integrity Check
  • Hit Continue
  • Give a click on box named G/L Balances
  • Choose OK
  • Check the report is now in balance

Method 3- Corrupted Transactions

  • Choose Reports & Forms
  • Click the General Ledger tab
  • The select report named General Ledger
  • Give a click on Options
  • Choose Options
  • Modify Time Frame to All
  • Hit OK

Method 4- Run Data Verification

  • Change the accounting period to one to run the test to ensure the verification procedure
  • Highlight the Accounting period from the list
  • Hit OK
  • Choose File
  • Give a click on Data verification
  • Choose field Both Tests and then hit Start
  • The prompt will display to create a Sage 50 data backup then hit Save
  • Once the backup is complete then it will start the data verification test automatically
  • Once finished Data verification test then you have the button to display the Error log
  • If the error does not found then hit Close
  • If you discover the error then you can check the test details by giving a click on the button named View Error Log

Method 5- Out of Balance Consolidated Company

  • Select one of the subsidiary companies and open it
  • Click option named Reports & Forms 
  • Choose General Ledger
  • Double-click on the tab labeled General Ledger Trial Balance
  • Now scroll to the bottom
  • Check if the debits are equal to credits
  • If they are not the same then run the chart of Accounts journal Synchronization test
  • Check the subsidiary companies
  • Now reconsolidate the consolidated company
  • Check the consolidated company is in balance

Method 6- If Trail Balance is Filtered by Account Segment, Account ID, or Account Type

  • Firstly Run Report with no filter
  • Check the ending sum of the debit and credits

How to Correct an Out of Balance General Ledger – Video Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Would I Change the Accounting Period in Sage 50?

1. Choose Tasks, hit System, and then click Change Accounting period
2. Now click on the accounting period you need to open
3. Hit OK
4. You need to click on the No tab to the question which says “Would you like to print your invoices or checks before continuing?”
5. Now hit No on the question named “Would you like to run an Internal Accounting Review?”
6. The active accounting period will modify to the customized period.

How do I Consolidate My Consolidated Company?

1. Open the Sage 50
2. Choose File and then New Company
3. Select Next
4. Write the information for the consolidated company
5. Hit Next tab
6. Choose Consolidate existing Sage 50 Accounting companies
7. Select Next
8. Choose the posting technique for the company
9. Hit Next
10. Select Finish
11. Update consolidated company by locating File option
12. Click Consolidated company
13. Choose and company and then hit Add button
14. Hit Reconsolidate tab

How Would I Fix Error: “General Ledger Does Not Balance”?

1. Locate File button
2. Click Backup option
3. Create a company file backup
4. Change the accounting period and set it period 1
5. Run the integrity check by clicking on the Help button and then hit Support utilities
6. Hit Continue button
7. Verify reindex files on the list named Reindex
8. Choose Chart and then hit OK
9. If the error sort out then take a new backup
10. In case the error persists then restore a backup file

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