Sage 50 Closes with no Error Message

Sage 50 Closes without Error

The Sage 50 closes without showing an error message because of the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update version 1803.  There are many more reasons that cause this issue and also get the solution for it. You have to choose the solution according to the problem. You can also implement a solution one after another if a solution won’t work for you.

Various reasons that cause Sage 50 close with no error message

  • You have just done the Sage 50 US 2020.2 release update or the installation
  • It happens due to the defect in the 1803 Spring Creators Update that is for Windows 10
  • Configuration of the DNS is not correct
  • Errors in the log file and more.

The resolution for the closing of the Sage program without showing error

There are a few solutions that can be done to solve this issue. Here are all the possible solutions that can be done easily. The solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1- Remove the option Run as Administrator

  1. In your system, right-click o the Sage 50 program icon
  2. From further options select the Properties
  3. The Properties window opens up
  4. In this, click on the Compatibility tab
  5. Now remove the tick mark from the checkbox says “Run this program as an Administrator”
  6. If the checkbox is of grey color
  7. Then click on the button Change setting for all users
  8. In the secondary window, uncheck the option
  9. Click on the Apply and then OK button to save it and close the window.

Solution 2- Installed the Sage 50 US 2020.2 released

You have to install the patch Actian 13.31 with the software installation of the Sage 50 US 2020.20 release. This release has the improved handling of IPv6 protocols. So, the user has to install the Actian in addition to it.

Solution 3- DNS has incorrect configuration

In this, if you are using the DNS or IP Address that is static then change the properties of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). It helps you to get the DNS server address and also the IP Address automatically. After that, you have to consult the Sage team to confirm the changes.

Solution 4- End the task of Peachw.exe process and also off the compatibility mode

  1. In the system, go to your Sage 50 icon
  2. Now right-click on it and from further list of options, click on the Properties option
  3. In the open up Properties window, select the Compatibility tab
  4. Go to the option “Run this program in the compatibility mode” and remove the tick mark from it
  5. Select the option change settings for all the users if the above option is grayed out
  6. Then click on the button Apply and then on OK
  7. You have to press the keys CTRL+ALT+DELETE together
  8. From further option select the Start Task Manager
  9. In this, go to the tab details or you can also click on More details
  10. Search for the Peachw.exe process
  11. Now select the process and then click on the button End Task that is at the bottom right side of the window
  12. After this, open the Sage 50 software again
  13. In the end, reboot your system if you are still facing the issues.

Solution 5- In case of static IP Address, you have to edit the host file on all the workstations.

Solution 6- Check that on the workstations or server the Windows prefer IPv4 address instead of IPv6 address.

How to connect with

These are all the solutions that can be done if you are facing Sage 50 closes with no error message. You have to perform the solutions carefully. In case you want to get in touch with the team then dial the Sage 50 customer helpline phone number 1800 964 3096 to get the help. The members of the team are available 24/7 hours to provide you the information and solutions to all your queries. You can also connect with the team through Sage 50 live chat or by sending the email at [email protected].

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