How to Transfer Sage 50 Data From One Computer to Another Computer

Transfer Sage 50 Data From One Computer to Another

An overview of how to transfer Sage 50 data from one computer to another computer.The general overview of how to transfer Sage 50 data from one computer to another. Keep in mind that there may be some differences depending on your specific version of Sage 50 and your operating system

Sometimes, while working you need to change the computer. It can be due to any reason such as your existing computer is not working fine, or upgrading a new version, etc. This article explains to you “How to transfer Sage 50 Data from one computer to another computer”.

Below given Steps helps you to transfer Sage 50 data from one computer to another easily. You don’t need to repeat the installation process again, just transfer the Sage data from one system to another computer and start working.

transfer sage 50 data from one to another

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Steps to Transfer Sage 50 Data from one Computer to Another Computer

Transferring Sage Data to New Computer

  • In Sage 50, go to File and click on Properties.
  • Note the Location and Company File name.
  • Copy the .saj folder and file to an external media device.
  • Now copy and paste the .saj folder and .sai file on the new computer.
  • Next, open Sage 50 to the welcome screen.
  • Choose ‘Select an existing company’ and open your company

Transferring Sage Data Backup

  • Create a backup and save it on an external media device.
  • Connect it to your new computer and click Next.
  • Browse to the directory where the backup file is saved.
  • Select Open.
  • Enter the name of the new file and click Save.
  • Select Next and then select Finish to complete the process.

Please Note- if you are using Sage 50 Quantum or Premium, use the single user mode, by navigating to sysadmin

  • Now go to File
  • Click on Back  up
  • Store it on an external device.
  • Connect the device to the new computer where you want to transfer your data to
  • Click Next.
  • Go to the location where you have stored your backup file.
  • Click on the Open tab
  • Give your file an appropriate name
  • Click on Save

Please Note- do not save the file in the .SAJ folder as it stores the Sage 50 backup as a default

  • Click Next
  • Tab on Finish to end the procedure.

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Final Words!

After following the above steps you can easily transfer the Sage 50 data from one computer to another computer. If you have any questions or have any doubt, You can email at [email protected] or if you don’t want to call 1800 964 3096 or email simply fills the contact form available on the or can also do the Sage 50 live chat with the Sage technicians.

💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

What are the Things Which You Need to keep Handy?

You are required to be ready with Sage Serial number and Activation Key, and Account number.

While Transferring Sage 50 Data Do We Need Also to Take Care of the System Requirements as Well?

Yes, the new computer where the data is going to be sent should match the minimum system required for Sage 50.

How to Transfer the Backup or Company File to Another Computer?

It can be transferred using any external storage device.

While Performing the Above Steps I am Having Some Technical Issues, What to Do?

If any error or trouble is appearing, immediately dial and get in touch with experts.

Is it Necessary to Meet the Sage 50 System Requirements Before Transferring Data to Another Computer?

Yes. It is absolutely necessary. The computer where you want to transfer  Sage 50 data to must adhere to the minimum system requirements to install Sage 50 software.

What Type of Companies is Sage 50 More Useful For?

Sage 50 is considered more useful for comparatively smaller companies that do not expect an influx of over 10 users at a particular point in time.

Which one is Better? Sage 50 or Sage 100?

Both are useful software for businesses. However, Sage 100 is a true ERP system and if you need more functionality to match your business growth, it has more to offer you.

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