Sage 100 2019 Unable to Connect to Server

sage 100 2019 unable to connect to server

Sage 100 is a flexible, innovative solution for growing small and mid-size businesses. It provides modern architecture, ease of use, robust features, and supreme customization to increase productivity and simplify workflows.

At times, when Sage 100 users attempt to connect to server certain issue arises, hampering the smooth work flow. The error is displayed with error message “Unable to Connect to Server” or “The server cannot be found.”

Cause of Sage 100 2019 Unable to Connect to Server

This error can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect IP Address, Server Name, or Port
  • Issue in the Network DNS
  • Firewall Security
  • Corrupted “Session.pvk” (does not apply to Sage 100 ERP Standard edition)

Resolution for Sage 100 2019 Unable to Connect to Server

The following solution steps require advanced knowledge of the network. Hence, contact system administrator for further assistance, as modifying Windows security improperly can affect the system operations.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1: Verify the IP address or the server name is bee entered correctly during workstation setup.

💠 Browse to “…MAS90 > Launcher” file folder on your workstation.
💠 Go to Sota.ini file.
💠 Locate the <Servers> section. (server name or IP address is listed following the text “1=”)
💠 If the server name or the IP address is incorrect, you will have to enter the correct details or uninstall and reinstall the Workstation Setup.
💠 Next, confirm the port is left open (unblock by firewall).
💠 Verify the server name or the IP address and port have been entered correctly within the icon properties
💠 Right Click on the Sage 100 workstation icon and open to properties
💠 Check and confirm server name or the IP address and port are entered correctly

Method 2: Verify the Inbound Rule & Outbound Rule has been created under the Windows Firewall Advanced Security

💠 Open the Administrative Tools and go to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security console
💠 Click on the Inbound Rules that is located on the left pane of security console
💠 Right-click on it and choose New Rule
💠 Click on Port > Next
💠 Select particular Local ports and type in the port number for your Sage 100 then click on Next.
💠 Click on Allow Connection then Next
💠 Select Domain (Private/Public) then click on Next
💠 Add name for the new rule and description to identify the rule is employed for Sage 100 then click Finish

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