How to Running Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine

Running Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine

To integrate Sage CRM with Sage 100 as an application, you need to rely on Sage 100 ERP integration engine. Without this engine, you’ll only be able to integrate Sage CRM Sage 100 server as a service, which has its limitations. In this article, you’ll learn to use this engine to integrate Sage CRM.

Note: You’ll require advanced knowledge of network to properly perform the integration. We recommend that you contact your system administrator and have him or her perform the integration. If you modify windows incorrectly, you may compromise your system.

Cases for Running Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine as an Application

There are two specific cases in which using the Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine in Application mode is better than using it in service mode. The cases are provided below:

  • Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine doesn’t work properly as a service.
  • Errors related to Sage 100 and Sage ERP integration.

In the second scenario, running the program as an application is beneficial for troubleshooting the errors. When the service is run as an application, there are additional error details and logs which can be used to diagnose and resolve the error.

Using Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine

To run Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine as an application, follow the steps provided below:

  • Right click on the Sage Integration Engine service which matches the version of Sage 100.
  • Select Properties.
  • A windows path is present under ‘Path to executable’. Right click on this path and select copy.
  • Right click on the Desktop screen. From the provided options, select New, Shortcut.
  • Paste the path you copied in step 3 into the ‘Type the location of the item’ field.
  • Remove the -service option from the path. Make sure that there’s only a single space between the path and the -port option.
  • Click on Next.
  • Type in the name for the Shortcut. If you don’t then a default name will be selected by Windows.
  • Click on Finish.

You’ve successfully created the shortcut which can be used for better integration of Sage 100 CRM. Now you need to ensure that the program runs as an application rather than service. To do so, you can make sure of the following:

  • Launch the Task Manager and go to the Services tab. Make sure that Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine isn’t listed in the tab. If it is, then stop the service.
  • Launch the application by double clicking on the created shortcut.
  • If you want to still retain the ability to run the software as a service, then select Manual or Disabled as the Startup Type.

The Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine will run on the basis of the logged in user. If the program is set to launch as a service for a particular user, then the preferences of that user will be given preference.

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Q. Why is running Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine as an application better?

Ans. It’s not about better. Rather, it is about solving issues which are encountered while running the program as a service. Applications have better error logs which can help users in troubleshooting any errors.

Q. I want to have the option to run the program as a service and application as well. How can I do this?

Ans. Instead of selecting Stop in the Startup Type, you should select Manual. This will provide you with the option to run the application as an application or service.

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