Reconcile Accounts in Sage 50

All in One Solution for Reconciling your Bank Accounts using SAGE 50

As you know, you can track your business bank accounts, cash amounts, and credit accounts are in one place to view where you invested and from where you get more profits. Sometimes, the user might encounter some trouble while processing the account reconciliation processing. These troubles are usually known as bank errors, fraud errors, and data entry errors, user has to detect and correct the errors as quickly as possible otherwise, it will lead to a major loss.

This blog discusses the “All in One Solution solution reconciling bank accounts in sage 50” to make it easy to resolve all troubles related to Sage Bank Reconciliation.

Before heading to any solution, make sure that you entered the correct details such as user identity, password, transactions time that you are reconciling, and check the bank statement on the regular basis.

Process of the Reconciling your Bank Accounts using SAGE 50

The process of the reconciling can be hard for the new users. The process of the reconciling the bank accounts has following steps:

  • To start the reconciling, user selects the account reconciling option from the task menu.
  • User can also click on the banking option in the sage 50
  • After clicking on reconcile, select the bank accounts which you want to reconcile.
  • Then user selects the statement dates and enters the account balances.
  • After that user can reconcile the bank accounts easily.

Video Tutorial – Sage 50 2019 Tutorial Reconciling Bank Accounts

Other Important Options

There are also other options available to make the process easy like sort by. You can sort details by date, type or amount to change the order. There is a find button is available to search any text easily. Your bank statement can be downloaded by using import button. You can also add multiple statements at one time by add multiple option. Add new button is also available for the adding of new bank accounts. You can also clear the old or unwanted accounts by using the clear button in sage 50 menu.

Accountant or bookkeeper can match all the bank statements and balances in the sage 50 in a professional way. After putting all the details about bank accounts, user can click on the check button to match all the accounts. Then the sage 50 will give all information about the income and expenses. So the accountants get the simplest way to manage the cash and accounts information.

There are others options are also available like automatic reconciling or manual reconciling. In the automatic reconciling, the software automatically reconciles the bank accounts at the selected date. In this process, software uses the all information added in it and make statements automatically. But in the manual reconciling, the user has to reconcile the bank accounts himself by using software. User can select the desired accounts only.

The user can also check all details about the cash in and cash out using sage 50. The user has facilities to know about the deals, he made with the customers, clients and suppliers. If accountant has any problem in matching the accounts, he should check that he entered all the statements correctly. User can also match the information of his checks, debit cards and credit cards.

Sage 50 gives the facility for reconciling of bank accounts to the accountant and bookkeepers. Users can store and match all the information about their bank accounts and transactions. Sage 50 also give provide the fast way of managing the accounts for accountants.

Though there has been much debate on the All in One Solution solution reconciling bank accounts using sage 50. So, it is easy to resolve any issue whether you are a new user or try to resolve any issue. With our quick service, you can save valuable time to work on business growth. For any query, do Sage 50 chat support with Sage expertise or call toll-free 1800 964 3096 and send all issues to this email address [email protected].


Q1. How can I correct the bank reconciliation in Sage 50?

➤ Open your Bank Accounts and then choose the specified “Bank Account”
➤ Hit the next click on the “Reconcile” and then choose the “Reverse a Reconciliation” option
➤ Now, you have to select the relevant reconciliation
➤ Again, click on the “Reverse Reconciliation”
➤ Hit the YES button to finish the backup processing
➤ Repeat the step again by hitting the “Bank Reconciliation” reversal

Q2. What to do when my Bank Reconciliation not balance?

Firstly, you need to unmarked all the transactions from the transaction section. If you find it no out of your balance then the issue is with your present reconciliation. If there is an issue that appears within the Out balance then you need to view the earlier reconciliations as you previously reconciled transactions made.

Q3. How would I able to do reverse bank reconciliation in Sage?

➤ Go to the Task menu and then choose the “Reconcile”
➤ Now, enter the statement opening balance and statement ending balance for that specified month of the bank reconciliation.
➤ Enter the statement date correctly for that specified bank reconciliation that you need to redo
➤ Click on the OK button to finish the program

Q4. What to do when you find your reconciliation doesn’t balance?

Ans. Firstly, ensure that you working with the right account. Then, view for transactions that the bank has already recorded and transposed numbers.  Check reversed transactions, view for a transaction that’s equal to the difference and half the difference.

Q5. What to do if Bank reconciliation is off by a little amount?

To fix this issue, go to the “Reconcile” window
➤ Choose the “Incorrect” transactions
➤ Hit the next click on the “Go-To” and enter the correct amount
➤ Now, open the reconcile window and choose the Incorrect transaction
➤ Click on the “Banking” option
➤ Go to the “Reconcile” to go back to your list of selected transactions
➤ Then mark all correct transactions as removed.

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