Why Sage 50 2023 Cannot Export to Excel?

Issue Sage 50 2023 cannot Export to Excel

Sage 50 is a popular accounting software used by many businesses for managing their financial operations. However, there have been reports that the latest version of Sage 50 released in 2023, is unable to export data to Excel.

There are times when the individual is unable to export data, invoices, bank statements receipts and more from Sage 50 to Excel. There are times when you also encounter errors while doing the same. There are times when several issues arise when one is simply unable to attempt to export data from accounting software to Excel. Also, there are cases when the individual simply fails to open the Sage report in Excel. So, why Sage 50 2023 cannot export to Excel? Well, let us find out all about this

The main Reasons for this Error occur

Now let us take a look at what are the main reasons for this error to occur in the first place:

  • The type of file one is trying to export is blocked by the file block settings. For this, the settings are done in the Trust Center located in Excel. 
  • There is an incompatible Office version. 
  • Microsoft is unable to configure the new Worksheet to start with

Why Sage 50 2023 cannot export to Excel: Steps to Fix the Error

Now let us take a look at some of the best solutions to rectify the above error:

Solution 1: To Check the Trust Center Settings

  • Launch Excel
  • Locate the File 
  • Click on Options
  • Find and click on the Trust Center.
  • Open the Settings
  • Click on File Block Settings
  • At this step, you have to uncheck each file type, and open and Save checkboxes from permitting Excel to save in the preferred file type. 
  • Now locate the Sage report, for this you will have to uncheck Open and Save from among the below-given file types:
    • Excel 2007 and later Add-in Files
    • Excel 2007 and later Macro-Enabled Workbooks and Templates
    • Excel 97-2003 Add-in Files
    • Excel 2007 and later Workbooks and Templates
    • Excel 97-2003 Workbooks and Templates
    • Excel 95 Workbooks
    • Excel 2007 and later Binary Workbooks
    • Excel 95-97 Workbooks and Templates
  • Apply the changes and Save them 
  • Click on OK and shut down the Trust Center window that is associated with Excel options. 
  • Click on the OK option and shut down the Trust Center window associated with the Excel option. 
  • Now reopen and report in Excel

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Solution 2: Restore Default Settings to start with try and restore the Default Settings from the Control panel for the Excel software

  • Next, follow the steps to repair the Office to make it into Default. 
  • Now Locate the Control Panel.
  • Select the Program and Features.
  • Next, right-click on the Microsoft Office version to launch it. 
  • Click select on Change.
  • Click on Quick Repair 
  • Now restart the system 
  • Once again try to reopen the Report.

Solution 3: To Report the Header Options

  • Launch the Report you want to Export in Sage 50.
  • Select Excel option 
  • Now select the Opposite button that is causing the Error to report Excel for the purpose of Copying. For example, if the main reason for the error is ‘Send header to Page Setup in Excel’ then you will need to select ‘Show Header’ in Excel Worksheet 
  • Finally, check if you can create a Copy of the report in Excel.

Solution 4: To Freeze the Pane Button

  • Launch Open the Report that you need to export to the Sage 50
  • Click on the Excel option
  • Now ‘Unselect’ the Use Freeze Panes in Copy Report to Excel

Solution 5: To Verify the Microsoft Excel Default view for New Sheets

  • Go to the top left corner of the Windows
  • Locate the Microsoft option available 
  • Click on the Excel option
  • Click on the Popular option
  • Find the section termed ‘When Creating New Workbooks
  • Select the Normal view located in the drop-down list that declares ‘Default Views’ for New sheets.
  • Click on the OK button

Unable to Export the Report From Sage to Excel: The Other Solutions

Sage is one of the most popular financial software around and continues to update itself for the best user experience. Here is yet another solution to resolve the issue:

  • Select the report that you wish to export to Excel in the Sage 50 accounts
  • Once the Criteria window appears enter the required measures and click OK
  • Now select the required options from the available below:
    • To save your sage report with a specified file type: Click on Export, and select the location where you want to Save the file. 
    • To send the sage report to Excel in the same format as the report preview:
      • Click report to Excel
      • Next, in case of using Sage 50 Accounts v23.1 or lower, click Excel
  • Enter the required information within the right column so that it is ready for further analysis in order to send the report data to Excel.

Connection Failed between Sage 50 with Excel while Sending Data to Excel

One encounters an error when Sage 50 is unable to connect to MS Excel. There appears a ‘Failed to connect to Excel”.The reasons for these are numerous, some of these are:

Reason 1: The User is not Running Sage 50 Accounts as an Administrator

Solution: To try and Run Sage 50 Cloud Accounts as an ‘Admin’

  • Right-click on the shortcut in order to run Sage 50 Cloud Accounts as an Admin. 
  • Contact the local IT support people in order to change the Windows access right.

Reason 2: The In-compatible version of Microsoft Excel

Solution: How to Check if your version of Microsoft Excel is compatible

Reason 3: A Problem with the installation of Microsoft Office


  • Shut down the Sage 50 Cloud Account 
  • Press together Windows Keys + R
  • Enter:
    • 32bit Excel – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Excel.exe” /regserver
    • 64bit Excel – “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Excel.exe” /regserver
    • Note: If you are using Excel 2013, then you need to change Office 16 to Office 15.
    • Now click OK

In case the problem persists despite registering Excel.exe, uninstall then reinstall Microsoft Office and next uninstall and reinstall Sage 50 Clouds Account.

To Export a Sage Report into a Microsoft Office Excel Workbook(.xls): The steps

The process of exporting Sage report into a Microsoft Office Excel Workbook(.xls) is rather a simple task. This can be done with the help of in-built reporting tools in Sage. Hence one can easily manipulate and analyze the data in Excel. This is quite useful in creating charts, graphs or Calculations. 

In order to Save the report as a Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (.xls), you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Report Menu of any application 
  • Now, select the required report 
  • Next, go to the Print Selection Window and click on Printer Setup.
  • Check the Print to File option 
  • Next, click on Select File
  • Go to the destination folder where you wish to Save the file 
  • Here, specify the desired File Name. 
  • Select “Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (*.xls)” from the Save as type list
  • Now click Save 
  • Click OK
  • Lastly, click on the Start option to begin the process of Saving.

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That’s all, for now, folks, this is all we need to know about Why Sage 50 2023 cannot export to Excel. Follow the instructions as stated in order to resolve the issue. Nevertheless, if you still encounter problems, feel free to contact. You can also drop a mail at [email protected] or drop by at www.accountingadvice.co for a LIVE chat session with any of our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to Connect Sage 50 to Excel?

In order to connect you need to follow the below steps:
1. Ensure that all the Sage options are available
2. Open Excel to open the Workbook or a blank Workbook
3. Check for the Sage tab to appear
4. Click File 
5. Click Options
6. Click Add-Ons 
7. Click Manage drop-down 
8. Click Excel Add-ins 
9. Click Go 
10. Select from Sage add-ins 
11. Click OK

How Can one Export Data from Sage accounting?

To do so:
1. Start by opening the required module, like Customers
2. Click on Reports and select the required folder, like Customer Details
3. Select the required report, like Customer Record CSV.
4. Now click Export 
5. Now, browse to the location to Save the file.
6. Finally, enter the relevant file name.

How can one Export a Report from Sage to Excel?

To do so, you need to export a report from Sage to Excel :
1. Start by clicking ‘Print’ 
2. This will get you to the Export Window
3. Select Format: select the version of Excel from the drop-down Menu 
4. Select Destination: Select the Application from the drop-down Menu for you to open the report from Excel directly.

Is it possible to link Sage to Excel?

Yes, it is possible to integrate Sage 50 Accounts with Microsoft Excel in order to make it easy and smooth to send accounts data from Windows to Excel. Finally, you can easily manipulate the data as per your requirements.

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