How to Delete Transactions on Sage 50

Delete Transactions on Sage

Delete a Transaction in Sage Cash Management using Edit Register

What to do if you do a bank transfer or enter a transaction in Cash Management. The item will then don’t show in the Bank Reconciliation and an un-posted transaction is displayed in the Cash Management.

There may be the case that entry is not posted in the Cash Management that uses the split account by using the transaction feature for withdrawals and deposits.

Now, the transfer is used instead of the direct entry.

Methods for Delete Transactions on Sage 50

You need to keep in mind following things before any transaction can be deleted in Edit Register

  • The transaction can only be deleted using Cash Management that is posted in the Cash Management.
  • Once you delete the transaction, the original accounting date will be used to make the entry reverse.
  • Try to avoid deleting Cleared Transaction or Reconciled Transaction if possible.
  • If any transaction is entered with the help of Setup Assistant Process, the transaction is deleted and no reverse entry will be sent to General
  • If the bank transfer is deleted, the two sides of the bank transfer will be deleted with the effective bank account.

Delete Entry Management or Cash Management.

  • Go to the Task Menu and click on the Edit Register.
  • Now, click on the relevant bank account and then select Ok.
  • Now, to delete the transaction, find it in the row that matches with the transaction. Click on the transaction to select it.
  • You will see the black arrow for that particular transaction. Right-click on it.
  • Click on Delete Row and then select yes.

Point to be Noted: If any entry is taken as Bank Transfer, make sure that the other side of the transfer is deleted from the bank account.

  • Select Finish and then click on the Start Button and the journal is printed to a printer or a file.
  • The reversing entries can be posted in the Cash Management along with General Ledger (Entries, Posts and Tasks)
  • Your Bank Balances may need to be deleted once the entries will be deleted.

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