How to Fix Sage Drive is Not Syncing

Sage Drive is Not Syncing

Sometimes, while trying to sync into Sage Drive in Sage accounts, you might encounter an error with an error message that restricts you from syncing into Sage Drive. This might be due to numerous reason or interruption.

Below is an Sage Drive is Not Syncing Message that Usually Appears

  • Your Sage Accounts company data is not synced with the data stored on Sage Drive.
  • Sage Accounts will now turn down to let the latest Sage Drive company data to be downloaded.
  • Your Sage Drive data is unavailable currently as it syncs automatically with the cloud.

Mostly these error messages are displayed and this ensures the data to be updated. If you are facing such problem, allow the software to close and then restart the software. Synchronizing the company data might take some time. If the problem prevails, perform the below-given resolution steps. However, prior to starting the fixation steps, ensure to keep a backup file of the Sage document.

Major Cause of Sage Drive is not syncing

  • Poor Internet connection
  • Damaged data file
  • Data file not saved in the data path
  • Machine precise information like computer name, a collectively unique identifier (UUID), the .NET version has misused and canceled the cloud client
  • An outdated version of Sage Accounts
  • Sage 50 software Not activated

Steps to fix problem ‘Sage Drive is not syncing’

Step I: conflicting builds on systems sharing the data

  1. Click Help, and then choose About Sage 50 Accounting
  2. Position the Build line and record the Build number
  3. Confirm the Build on each system, comprising the server permission to company data in Sage Drive to verify if any program to be updated

Step II: Rebase Sage Drive Company

  1. Click the last access location or computer
  2. Select the Sage Drive Company
  3. Click to Help, select Customer Support and Help select Support Utilities, and then choose Rebase Sage Drive Company
  4. Click shutdown on the Sage Drive message Successfully uploaded
  5. Open the software on the other system and verify if it syncs without any error

Note: Rebase restores the previously accessed copy of the company stored in Sage account Drive.

Step III: Stop the services of backup manager

  1. Make sure that your Sage backup manager isn’t running currently a scheduled backup
    1. If you exactly don’t remember when your backups are scheduled, check on another sage installation. Go to File > Click Schedule back up > Click to Settings
  2. Press and hold Windows key, enter services.msc > Press Enter
  3. Right-click the service > select Stop, If any services are listed

Note: These services will automatically restart when the next scheduled backup runs.

Avail advance Sage support!

Hope by now, you are able to sync into your sage drive after following the step given above. If the step didn’t prove helpful or need more support, simply connect with the experts available for 24×7 to provide reliable solutions and guidelines as per your queries.

The certified and highly experienced team perfectly rectifies and fixes any difficult Sage error. Contact us at toll-free Sage 50 helpline number +1-844-871-6289, drop a mail at or chat via Sage Live Chat to avail an instant response from our experts.

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