How to Fix Sage Error 503

Sage 50 error 503

The Sage 50 software provides a user-friendly interface for businesses to accomplish their day-to-day accounting tasks. However, just like any other accounting software, Sage is also not without its fair share of issues. Many of its users have intimated that they have faced the Sage Error 503 while trying to install the SEI package or accessing the ESS. If you are one of them, this blog is going to help you a great deal. Here, we will look at this common error code, why it occurs and how to fix it.

Let’s start with the basics first..

What is the Sage Error 503?

The Sage Error 503, also known as the 503 Service Unavailable Error, is an HTTP response code that indicates the server is currently not able to handle the request. This may mean the server is overloaded or down for maintenance. It also indicates the server is functioning alright and is able to process the particular request, but has returned the 503 response code, due to an issue with the web server that is hosting your Sage application.

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What Causes the Sage Error 503?

The most common causes of the Sage Error 503 are

  • The Sage ESS Service is not running
  • Error logging into the Sage ESS
  • Any ongoing updation related to network, database or application 
  • The server may be overloaded due to spam, virus attacks, network traffic etc.

How to Resolve the Sage Error 503?

Here are three simple methods to resolve this issue –

Total Time: 35 minutes

Check the Physical Path Used by Your Website

Please follow the steps below-
🔹 Navigate to the Path Start> 
🔹 Click on Administrative Tools
🔹 Click IIS
🔹 From the list, click Sites and expand it
🔹 Click Default Web Site from the list of sites 
🔹 Navigate to Advanced Settings
🔹 Browse to the physical path and verify if the line reads %SystemDrive% \inetpub\wwwroot\webclient
🔹 Click OK if the path is found to be correct. If not, set the proper path
🔹 Once complete, restart the site.

Activate Application Pools

Here are the steps to follow-
🔹 Click on Administrative Tools
🔹 Click IIS Manager
🔹 Locate Application Pools in the list of applications and click on it
🔹 Now search for MobileClientPool and WebClientPool
🔹 Right click on them 
🔹 From the list of actions, click Start

Check Sage ESS maintenance on the Sever

Make sure to check the Sage ESS System Maintenance on the server where ESS has been installed. Also, you need to uncheck the Locked Box and verify that the user name, databases, server name and password are correct. If you are still getting the issue, carry out the following steps-
🔹 Go to Sage ESS server
🔹 Navigate to the Administrative Tools and open Component Services
🔹 Verify if both the World Wide Web Publishing and IIS Admin Services are running
🔹 Start the IIS Manager
🔹 Click to open the Sites folder, 
🔹 Go to the Default Web Site 
🔹 Right click on the Self Service tab
🔹 Navigate to Manage Applications and then to Advanced Settings
🔹 Make sure that the default Application Pool name is AbraAWCAppPool
🔹 Close Advanced Settings 
🔹 Go to Application Pools 
🔹 Ensure that the Status is set to Started, the Managed Pipeline Mode is set to Classic and .Net is set to v2.0

We hope the discussion above would help you fix the Sage Error 503. If you are still not able to fix this issue, or, if you have any more related queries, you may speak 1800 964 3096 to some of the experienced Sage experts.

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