Tips to Fix Sage 100 ERP Error 65

Sage 100 ERP Error 65

Sage 100 ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that goes beyond simple accounting functions to give you a broad selection of integrated tools for enhancing your customer experience, boosting your revenue, and helping you manage your business like a pro. The software offers accounting, manufacturing, distribution, and other industry-specific applications for virtually every business need.

However, like all other software applications, you might run into errors while working with Sage 100 ERP. This could lead to poor user experience or at worse a lost sale. One such error that you might encounter while working on Sage 100 ERP is “Error 65: Windows element does not exist or already exist”.

Here’s how you can fix Sage 100 ERP error 65 and prevent loss of productivity:

Make sure your data dictionary is correct

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For this, go to User-Defined Field Maintenance and click Update. Many a times, updating your data dictionary resolves Error 65.

Recreate your customized form

Another reason behind Error 65 could be a modification in your form. To fix this error, you need to recreate your customized form. For this, go to the Custom folder and delete the modification if it applies to the UDF that you have removed. Now recreate your customized form to resolve the error.

Reset panel settings

Resetting your panel can also help you fix the error. You can choose from either of the following ways to remove customization from your current panel:

  • Click on Reset All Settings for the Current Panel to Sage 100 ERP Defaults option. This will remove all customizations and will set the parameters of the entire panel to its default options.
  • Click on Undo Changes Made During the Current Customization Session option for the Current Panel to undo all customization. This will reset the entire panel to the settings from the previous customization session.

What if this doesn’t work?

In case you are not able to fix Error 65 by following the above mentioned steps, you need expert help. Get in touch with Sage specialists at and get your issues fixed in no time. Our certified experts are available 24X7, 365 days a year to help you resolve all your Sage related issues and errors.


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