Sage Error 1020 Access Denied

Sage error 1020

No prizes for guessing why the Sage 50 accounting software is used extensively all over the world. Businesses of all forms and dimensions can be benefitted from the amazing functions embedded in this software. However, we have been informed by many users of Sage 50 that they have faced certain connection issues on sites/systems that use the Cloud flare proxy server. Among different error messages users often get in this regard, the Sage Error 1020 Access Denied is a pretty common one.

In this blog, we will look atH2MT1m5IM3FD some effective solutions to resolve this issue. If you are also troubled by this issue recently, this blog can just be your savior. If you implement the solutions mentioned herein sequentially, we are sure you would get rid of the Sage Error 1020 Access Denied issue once and for all.

Before proceeding to troubleshoot, let’s first get to know the reasons behind the occurrence of this issue..

What are the Causes of Sage Error 1020 Access Denied Issue?

Many technical and functional issues in your system7Gz6h8Cy7Km2uL5jiv2121unjVJtP7br7wKncYTLCH69mds04hG99xtEWReF6Dvutx54TKOq F iR73h nekKq0v9vD5cXCjfyCXbLBYlJrJtC8RMREkPEHUL xF0g KLyu7SqzI may lead to the occurrence of this issue. Some of them are listed below-

  • damaged /missing files in the data path
  • The Space available on a network drive is insufficient or there is no space at all
  • The Network Drive is disconnected
  • The software is being run without administrative privilege
  • Different Sage versions have been installed on the same system
  • The Server and the Workstation cannot ping one another
  • The Organization Folder has been copied from a backup file, with an older Sage version
  • The User Account (UAC) has been enabled on the server 
  • Incorrect Permission assigned to the data folder

What is the Procedure to Resolve Sage Error 1020 Access Denied Issue?

Here, we will discuss multiple methods to fix the Sage Error 1020 Access Denied issue –

Total Time: 35 minutes

Modify Permissions to the Peachtree240.ini File

🔹 Navigate to the location C:/ Common Files/Program Files (X86)/ Peach
🔹 Do a right click on the file named Peachtree240.ini
🔹 Choose Properties
🔹 Click on Security 
🔹 Select advanced
🔹 Now click on the tab named Owner 
🔹 Choose Edit
🔹 Click on the Change Owner box
🔹 Select the username and click Apply
🔹 Click on the displayed message and close them on each screen
🔹 Click on Change Permissions
🔹 Choose the Users (Users/computer name) tab
🔹 Click on Edit
🔹 Assign full control to the users and click OK
🔹 Repeat the above steps as admin and System
🔹 Click OK to close each screen

Edit the. INI File in a Different Location

🔹 Move the INI File to a suitable location such as the window desktop
🔹 Make the desired changes 
🔹 Save the edited file

Check your DNS Settings

🔹 Press the Windows + R keys together on the server
🔹 The Run command prompt will appear on your screen
🔹 Type CMD and press OK
🔹 Type ipconfig
🔹 Press Enter. Note down the IPv4 Address for future reference
🔹 Type in the host Rename 
🔹 Press Enter. Note down the computer name for future reference
🔹 Now go to the workstation and repeat the above steps
🔹 Type Ping and Enter
🔹 Note if the Workstation is getting a response from the server 
🔹 Go to the server again and use the name of the workstation
🔹 Add a host file to the system where you are getting the error message, till the DNS is solved

In this blog, we tried to provide you with some easy solutions to fix the Sage Error 1020 Access Denied issue. If you are still not able to troubleshoot this issue with the solutions provided above, or, if you have any more queries, you should consult with some authorized Sage experts 1800 964 3096.

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

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I am Asked to Uninstall and Reinstall the Sage 50 Software to Fix the Sage Error 1020 Access Denied Issue. How to do this?

Please follow the steps below-
🔹 Log in to your Windows system with admin credentials
🔹 In Windows 8.1 and lower, locateH2MT1m5IM3FD Programs and Features
🔹 Click on Control Panel >>Start
🔹 In Windows 10, right-click on the Start menu. Then click on Programs and Features >> Apps and Features
🔹 Choose your Sage 50 version from the list
🔹 Click on Uninstall Sage 50
🔹 Now proceed to reinstall Sage 50 by downloading the product from Sage 50 Product and Payroll Updates 
🔹 If you have a previously downloaded installation file of Sage 50, browse to C:\Sage\Sage 50 Accounting Installer files 202*.* 
double click on launch.exe to initiate the installation process
🔹 Click Yes to continue
🔹 The Sage 50 Install Shield wizard will open up
🔹 Click Next to continue
🔹 Now select Install Sage 50
🔹 Choose your language
🔹 Click OK to proceed
🔹 You might get a prompt, asking you if you wish to continue with the installation
🔹 Select Yes to continue 
🔹 Choose your preferred installation type
🔹 Click to accept the terms & conditions of the license agreement
🔹 The Install Shield Wizard will start the installation 
🔹 After the installation gets completed, you will receive a confirmation message
🔹 Select Finish to exit 
🔹 Open Sage 50
🔹 Check if the issue is still there

How does the Cloudflare Proxy Work?

The Cloudflare distributed DNS proxy responds to visitors with Cloudflare IP addresses. It provides security by hiding the specific IP address of the origin web server. The Cloudflare domains share IP addresses from a pool belonging to the Cloudflare network.

How to Install the Latest Windows Updates for Windows 10?

🔹 Click on Start 
🔹 Go to Settings
🔹 Click on the Windows Update tab
🔹 Select Check for updates
🔹 The available update will be displayed on your screen
🔹 Select and click to install it

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