32-Bit vs 64-Bit for Emailing Invoices from Sage 50

32-Bit vs 64-Bit for email invoice from Sage

Sage 50 is highly popular for its broad compatibility across different kinds of mobile devices and computers. One popular feature in Sage is the built-in facility where a user can create invoices and send them over email to their contacts. Moreover, businesses can link their email Ids with Sage and perform important activities through their outlook or webmail ids. They can easily send and receive reports, send invoices to their clients and so on. 

 However, some users have intimated that they are having some issues while sending email invoices from Sage. This is a pretty common issue related to Emails in Sage 50. In this blog, we will discuss more about it and look into the reasons why Sage 50 can’t communicate with emails at times. We will also provide certain easy solutions to such issues related to emails, with a step-by-step approach. 

Let’s proceed then!

Why do Sage 50 Users face issues while Emailing Invoices from a 64-bit Operating System?

Users often face compatibility issues between Sage 50 and a computer with a 64-bit operating system. After installing Sage 50 on a new computer, they find issues while sending email invoices from Sage, with MS Outlook as the default email. This is because Sage 50 is not an email program predominantly. Instead, it relies on a standard protocol by Microsoft called MAPI (32-BIT), to facilitate the sending/receiving of emails from/to the Sage platform. Therefore, if a user installs MS Outlook as the default email and it is not MAPI-compliant, it will not accept requests from Sage 50. As a result, while sending email invoices from Sage, the users may receive some MAPI Error message and the email invoice will not be sent.

How to Resolve Communication issues of Sage 50 with Email Programs?

Here we are providing multiple solutions to resolve such issues-

Total Time: 34 minutes

Solution 1- Confirm if the Latest Sage Version is being used

🔹 Open the Sage 50 application
🔹 Navigate to the Splash screen,
🔹Click on Sample/Recently used company
🔹 Click on the Help section 
🔹 Now click About Sage 50.
🔹 Check if you are using the latest version of Sage 
🔹 If not, update to the latest version
🔹 After updating, launch Sage and check if such issues still exist

Solution 2- if your Sage 50 application is not supporting Emails from Cloud Versions of Email Clients

🔹 Go to Control Panel.
🔹 Click Default Programs
🔹 Click on the tab named Set program access and computer defaults.
🔹 Expand Custom.
🔹 Click on Choose a default email program
🔹 Choose your email program.
🔹 If you can’t see your email program in the list, this may be because:
🔹 The Windows MAPI 32 component may be broken 
🔹 The email program is a cloud-based one, instead of a full one.
🔹 Please consult Microsoft Support for a feasible solution. Sage will not provide any assistance for issues related to email programs from Microsoft.

In this blog, we tried to share all the information related to compatibility issues faced by Sage 50 users while emailing invoices from Sage. We hope, after going through the blog and the steps mentioned therein, you will find it easier to troubleshoot this issue on your own. If you need technical support just dial 1800 964 3096

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How to get Email Server settings for Microsoft Outlook?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
🔹 Navigate to Control Panel
🔹 Click on Mail
🔹 Click Email accounts
🔹 Select your email account
🔹 Click on Change
🔹 Here, you will see the SMTP Address of the Outgoing mail server 
🔹 Click More Settings
🔹 Navigate to the Advanced option
🔹 Next, click on the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER SMTP. Here, you will get the port number

How can I Email a batch of Invoices in Sage from the Sales/Invoicing Window?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
🔹 In Sage 50, go to the Tasks menu
🔹 Click on Sales/Invoicing. the Sales/Invoicing window will be displayed
🔹 Click on the drop-down box named Print 
🔹 From the menu, click on Select Invoices to Print
🔹 The Preview and Print filter window will appear on your screen
🔹 While emailing invoices, you can choose from invoices sent previously, invoices not emailed before or invoices saved without any invoice number. 
🔹 By default, Sage 50 shows the first invoice number suggested in the field named Number the first invoice on the Preview and Print filter window. If needed, you can also change the number
🔹 After the necessary selections are made, click Print/Email
🔹 You may receive a prompt, asking you to complete the emailing task. 
🔹 After you send the invoices by email, a prompt will ask if the invoices are emailed correctly and if the journal entry can be updated. Click on Yes if you are sure about this 
🔹 Sage 50 will record the Invoice numbers for the forms in the Sales Journal
Please note– If you click No, the Invoice numbers will be left blank. These will be sent again during the next batch of the invoices to run.

What are the different ways to Email Sales Invoices from Sage?

Here are a couple of ways to email invoices –
🔹 You can email invoices one after another from the Sales/Invoicing window. For this, click Email in the Sales/Invoicing window. Sage 50 will email the invoice to the destination you specify and will also save the invoice.
🔹 You can also email a batch of invoices together in one session, from the Sales/Invoicing window 
🔹 You can also email a batch of invoices from the Select a Report or Form window in one session

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