How to use Sage 50 Network Installation Manager

sage 50 network installation manager

In the current business scenario it has become important for employees to stay connected through their software in order to promote prompt adjustments and update details without requiring to ask for access from others. This in turn has motivated many financial and accounting software manufacturers to include state of the art technology to accord a network of users to access a single software from their system with their own personal login credentials. Sage 50, one of the top accounting software, has also provided this facility under the tool of Network Installation Manager.

This feature of Sage 50 allows particular number of users to access the software over a network. This helps to streamline and create a systematic process for future use of Sage 50. Network Installation Manager ensures that the software gets installed as per the user requirements while minimising the scope of errors. The user is reminded that initial setup of the software on a particular system is to be done through installation CD. Moreover, using CD for different network of computers also helps to bypass many steps required under automatic installation. In order to process installation of Sage 50 on a single computer system follow the steps detailed below.

Tips given below will assist you to install Sage 50 on a Network Workstation Tutorial.

  • Sage 50 should always be installed on the computer first, it will help you in saving the data files of the company. These are going to be the files saving all the records and transactions related to Sage 50
  • If you go by what the experts says then installing 32bit Window default program path will be the best to opt for
  • Once the installation is done on the server get the installation done of Sage 50 on all the work stations. Computers having the Sage 50 operating should also have installed Sage 50 on them
  • Data files related to records and transactions for vendors and customers will be stored at one location in computer’s server
  • Sage 50 operating computers should be mapped against this computer. These system should have access to Sage 50 single set of company’s data files
  • Remember that Sage 50 Pro Accounting and Sage 50 First Accounting is compatible with single computer, hence it should not be installed in multi users. In case you are planning to run Sage 50 Pro Accounting and Sage 50 First Accounting on multiple computers then purchase an additional copy for the same

Quick tips for Installing Sage 50 On a Network

  • In case the upgradation is done for the previous Sage 50 release, then you will be given options by Sage 50, i) getting new release installed by replacing the old ones. ii) getting the installation done in new location, in order to keep the old Sage 50 release version as well.

Keep following aspects in mind:

  • In case you are planning to keep the older version of Sage 50 by installing a new one, then remember that you won’t be able to access the old data released in previous version
  • In case the installation is done over the previous release then the Sage 50 data of your company won’t be overwritten.

Installing Sage 50 on a Network

These instructions will help you to get the multiple computers networked, in order to give them the access of Sage 50 company data at a time and get the Sage 50 Tutorials – Install on Workstation.

Installation to be done on the server computer having Sage 50 data files stored in it.

  • Insert the disc of Sage 50 in drive. You will see that the autorun window of Sage 50 appears automatically. In case the automatic start doesn’t takes place, then contact Sage tech support team to get the things done
  • If the Sage 50 is downloaded then click on Sage50_20xx.exe twice
  • This file will be downloaded to your desktop by default
  • Select the Sage 50 Accounting to install
  • After carefully reading the instructions and information present on window, click on Next
  • After reading and checking the licensed agreement, click the check box and select next if you are agreed for the same
  • You could be asked to set the firewall, in order to get the Sage 50 installed. Before clicking in next follow the instructions present on the screen
  • Add the serial number shared with you on email or present on install disc and then click on Next
  • Then Network window or Single Computer will appear, click on No. By clicking no, it will be ensured that multi user set up is correctly installed. Then click on Next
  • Click Yes when asked whether you are willing to store the data of 50 company on the same computer, and then click next
  • You will be then asked where you want to store the Sage 50 program files. You can specify the location as per your choice.

Installing Sage 50 on a single computer

Before going forward with installation Sage 50 on network of computers, user first requires to install it on a particular computer system where the confidential data of the system is to be stored. The steps to do so are:

  • Select the link – Sage50_2018.exe, double click on it and then select the ‘Install’ tab.
  • Go through License Agreement and checkmark on Accept box.
  • A pop-up for automatically setting up the Firewall by Sage 50 will flash on screen. Click on Yes tab. User also has the option of manually setting the Firewall.
  • There is possibility of warning message from Firewall while the installation process is going on. In such scenario click on Allow or Unblock option.
  • Next is to provide the confidential registration number sent on the registered email id.
  • Under the window labeled ‘Network’ click on ‘Yes’ tab to authorize setting up of Sage 50 on a Single system.
  • Next click on the location for program files which is usually either local Drive ‘C’ or ‘D’.
  • Lastly select the ‘Install’ tab in order to install the Sage 50 software.

Installing Sage 50 On a Network is no more an issue or problem, because Sage 50 technical support team assures that the installation will takes place in an efficient manner. They will guide you to get the Sage 50 Tutorials – Install on Workstation. With the assistance and support of Sage tech support experts Installing Sage 50 On a Network will be done in no time.

Sage software solutions, a name which comes to your mind when commitment, sincerity, customer satisfaction and best software services are talked about. Sage business solutions has carved a distinct niche in industry, by serving their vast clientele with nothing less than the best. With the support of Sage tech support experts, we have not just delivered what has been asked but has also gone extra mile to make the customised demands fulfilled. Sage software solutions with its tremendous market insight is growing rapidly day by day. We as a team feel proud to say that our customer base is increasing with each new day and all this is happening due to our untiring efforts made to meet the customers demand in the most efficient manner. Be it a Install Sage 50 on a Network Workstation Tutorial or Sage 50 Tutorials – Install on Workstation, Sage tech support team will stood by your side to get the same done in hassle free manner.

When it comes to customer support, Sage software solution takes proud to define their extra technical support team. Professionals with unmatching skill set and zeal to perform their job in best way, makes us a successful name in the industry as an organisation. Sage 50 tech support experts are trained after regular intervals, so that they may remain in touch with the technological changes taking place in industry. Sage tech support team knows what are the precise customers preferences and how to get them fulfilled timely. Sage technical support team is readily available to help you 24*7. They are easily reachable through the toll free number 1844-871-6289.

What is Accounting Advice?

Customer support team housed by Accounting Advice are intensively trained in all aspects of Sage software ensuring even the most complex issues can be resolved within a set time period. The team can be contact round the clock for immediate help or for more information on Network Installation Manager tool of Sage 50. Call on Toll free Number 1844-871-6289 or connect through live chat on

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