Sage 50 Peachtree 1099 E-File

Sage 50 (Peachtree) 1099 eFile

The Sage software is unwavering on its path of garnering appreciation for its excellent features and tools from one and all in the accounting world. It not only makes tasks more streamlined for different business domains but also enhances the growth pattern with its various characteristics. Tax filing times are coming up and this software can play a prominent part in helping you do it smoothly.

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An individual who is not from the financial and accounting background can also interpret this software while working on it. However, during the taxation time all Sage users are preoccupied with completing and e-filing 1099 Form in Sage 50 in the exact way.

Some of the Types of 1099 Form are:

  • 1099 MISC Forms: Miscellaneous Income.
  • 1099 K: Merchant Card and Third Party Network Payments.
  • 1099-INT Forms : Interest Income.
  • 1099-DIV Forms : Dividends and Distributions.
  • 1099-R Forms : Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement, etc.
  • 1098-T Forms : Tuition Statement.
  • 1099-B Forms : Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions.
  • 1099-PATR Forms : Taxable Distributions Received From Cooperatives.
  • 1099-OID Forms : Original Issue Discount.

It is advisable to take guidance from from Sage drilled adept executives who can assist in every way. Get in touch with the Accounting Advice experts. Their toll free number is . They will at once offer you with the resolutions so that you can be tension-free during the taxation time. Few software have the dedicated 1099 import functionality for Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree). It can remap data to different types of 1099 forms. Steps to do it are:

  • Use the Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) import Wizard inside such a software to import and map 1099 data to the desired 1099 form.
  • Use the 1099 electronic filing feature to render 1099 E File submission.
  • The user needs to log on to the IRS FIRE System and upload the 1099 E-File submission. Then there is 24 hours waiting time; wait for the IRS response.

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There are more steps in e-filing of 1099 form. To complete them in an accurate way, get in touch with the Sage tech support team at Accounting Advice. You will be happy by the fast resolutions and step by step guidance.

Procedure to do E-filing in Sage 50

Sage 50 Peachtree 1099 E File

Total Time: 15 minutes

Select the Proper E-Filing Form

🔷 Click  on Employees & Payroll
🔷 Go  to  Forms
🔷 Select either Federal Forms or   Reports & Forms, 
🔷 Now  click  on Tax Forms.
🔷 Double-click on  the   Payroll Tax Forms   tab
🔷 Navigate  to  the Available Forms section and choose the [Year] 1099-INT  [Year] or 1099–MISC  
🔷 Set the Filing period as Yearly,
🔷 Choose the correct year
🔷 Click OK to proceed
🔷 The 1099 Setup Wizard window will appear on your screen
🔷 Select your  preferred  option,
🔷 Click Next  to proceed

Verify the information

🔷 Check if the Payer Identification Number is correct
🔷 Select the correct EIN or SSN
🔷 Click Next.
🔷 Check the Payer information
🔷 Click Next to proceed
🔷 Select the proper Tax Prepare Type
🔷 Click Next
🔷 The Third-Party Prepare Information window will open up
🔷 Type in the details  in  appropriate fields,
🔷 Click Next  to  proceed
🔷 Verify if  each of  the State and Locality authority / item is correct,
🔷 Click on Next.
🔷 Choose   appropriate options on Data Verification window
🔷 Click Next.
🔷 Choose your  preferred options on the Recipient Identification Numbers window
🔷 Click Next.
🔷 Choose your  preferred options on the Multiple Data Files window
🔷 Click Next.

Please  Note: If you clicked  Yes to multiple 1099 data files  you  will   need  to  complete the merge process. When completed, proceed  to the next step.

🔷 The W2/1099 Preparer worksheet  will  appear
🔷 Check  if  the information highlighted in blue is  correct
🔷 Click on  the Next Step  tab
🔷 Proceed   to check  the highlighted information
🔷 Click on Next Step till the 1099 Printing and Filing Options window comes up

E-file and/or Print the 1099s

🔷 Select either Select My Own Options   or Complete 1099 e-filing Service.

Please  Note: In case you subscribe to the 1099  e-filing service, you will  be able to e-file the 1096 and 1099 Federal Forms. If you want the recipients to get the 1099s electronically, you  will  incur  additional  charge.

🔷 For printing the forms  click on Select My Own Options
🔷 Now  select the forms you  need to print
🔷 Click Next    to  proceed
🔷 Check  the selections you   made  from the previous page
🔷 Click Next.
🔷 Choose   your  preferred option for  divider sheets
🔷 Click Next.
🔷 Click Next to Review Data.
🔷 From  the  top ,   click on  the Next Step tab 
🔷 Click OK.
🔷 Click on Next Step . Repeat this process to review all the  forms.
🔷 If you selected  the  e-file option, the Aatrix Secure e-file window will come up on your screen.
🔷 Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

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Final Words!

The Accounting Advice is a Sage technical support team of knowledgeable experts who can help in e-filing 1099 in Sage 50 in the correct way. These highly trained professionals of the Sage tech support team are available round the year at anytime of the day or night to guide you step by step so that you can enjoy a peaceful time after e-filing during the taxation time.

They are experienced and can tell more about the software too. The toll free number to reach Sage customer care number of Accounting Advice is .

Accountingadvice Help Services 9

📢Frequently Asked Questions

How to Print or E-File the State Quarterly Forms?

🔷 Go to the Reports and Forms menu,
🔷 select Forms
🔷 Click   Tax Forms.
🔷 The Select a Report or Form window will  appear  on your screen
🔷 Double-click on  the Payroll Tax Forms  tab
🔷 Click on  the State form type
🔷 Select your state.
🔷 Highlight the state for  which you need to print or e-file.
🔷 Go to the select filing period section and select the year and quarter

Please note: If you select a new form, you should  again select the year and quarter you  prefer.

🔷 Click OK
🔷 Follow the instructions appearing  on your  screen

How to Print or E-file the 941/941B Federal Tax Forms?

🔷 Go to  the  Reports and Forms menu
🔷 Select Forms
🔷 Go to  the Tax Forms.  
🔷 The  Select a Report or Form window will  appear on  your  screen
🔷 Double-click on  the Payroll Tax Forms  tab
🔷 In the Available Forms box,  select  the current 941/Schedule B/941-V Report.
🔷 Go to  the  select filing period section  and  select the year

Please note: If you select a new form, you should  again select the year  you  prefer.

🔷 Click OK
🔷 Follow the instructions appearing  on your  screen

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