How to Fix Sage Timeslips Error Code 122?

sage timeslips error

The Sage Timeslips is one of the most widely used invoice, time, and billing solutions available. This has been designed to assist professional service organizations to accurately and efficiently track their time and expenses and also to send invoices. This is a part of the Sage software family and it helps to seamlessly integrate with several financial packages, including Sage 50 and QuickBooks by Intuit as well as practice management solutions like Time Matters and Amicus Attorney. 

While the Billable Hour is not yet dead your practice or business requires a better way to accurately track the attorney’s hours on the go, to not lose a single moment. With the help of Sage Timeslips, one can control almost every aspect of your time tracking and billing management with ease. Most importantly, this software is available at a price tag that is affordable to both small and mid-sized service organizations. While the software can be utilized across a wide variety of service industries, it is especially suitable for law firms that require automated billing integrated into their practice management systems. However, there are times when the users might face the ‘How to Fix Sage Timeslips Error Code 2022’. Here are some of our best solutions.

Timeslips Error Code 122

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Steps for Fix Sage Timeslips Error 122

There are two ways to fix this issue:

🔹 Restoring your computer to an earlier point
🔹 Validating your data using Date Verification process

Let’s take a look at both these steps one by one.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Restoring your Computer to an Earlier Point

Timeslips error

The most convenient way to fix Sage Timeslips error 122 is by restoring your computer to an earlier restore point. However, you can perform this only if you have recently backed up your data files because restoring your computer to an earlier point will erase all the data that you have stored on your computer after that backup was made.

Follow the steps to Perform System Restore

Perform System Restore

🔹 Log on to your computer as an Administrator.
🔹 Click the Start button and select All Programs.
🔹 Go to Accessories and click on System Tools.
🔹 Now select System Restore.
🔹 Select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” in the new window and click Next.
🔹 Select the most recent system restore point from the “On this list, click a restore point” list and click Next.
🔹 Again click Next on the confirmation window.
🔹 Now restart the computer to apply changes.
🔹 This would resolve all issues that were causing error in the index file and solve Sage Timeslips Error 122.

Validating your Data Using Date Verification Process

If you don’t want to restore your computer or have not recently backed up your data, then you can try the following:

🔹 Create a new data backup (because if these steps didn’t work, you would have to restore your database).
🔹 Exit Timeslips and open it again.
🔹 Click File and run data verification – reindex.
🔹 Check the box to “Rebuild Data Indices”.
🔹 After it finishes, test it to see if you get the database or index error again.

This should have solved your problem. However, if the error still persists, get in touch with an expert Sage technician by calling at and get your Sage Timeslips error 122 fixed and your data up and running.

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Final Words!

So, dear friends, this is how you can fix the simple database errors in Timeslips software. Take note that there are times when the database can get badly corrupted. This is when the Sage Timeslips data verification tool cannot repair all the errors. To fix the problem, ensure you restore your Sage Timeslips database from a backup. However, if you still encounter the same problem over and over again, be sure to visit us at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to Fix the Sage Error?

To do this, you need to Run an automatic repair:
🔹 To initiate an automatic repair of your data, click Run Repair. 
Note: In case you use Remote Data Access in Sage 50 Accounts v27, the repair must be run at the main site.
🔹 To back up the data, click OK next click OK. In case the errors are repaired, the Success window appears.

What is meant by Sage Timeslips?

The Sage Timeslips is one of the most widely used invoice, time, and billing solutions on the market. The software has been designed to ensure that professional service organizations can accurately and efficiently track their time and expenses and send invoices.

How to Install the Sage Timeslips?

To install Timeslips on the workstation you need to:
🔹 Launch “My Computer” 
🔹 Next double-click on the network drive.  
🔹 Now, Double-click the LoclInst folder and then click Setup.exe to initiate the installer.
🔹 Once the installer starts, click next to continue after closing all open applications.
🔹 Click Select on Install and then select Complete for installation type.
🔹 The next step is the destination folder which defaults to c:\program files\timeslips. 
IMPORTANT: All the systems must have the same path for the local install. If other users point to C:\Timeslips, ensure to change the destination path.
🔹 Go to at ready to Install Timeslips
🔹 Now click Next.
🔹 You need to default the remaining steps to the default program folder.
🔹 Finally, the Timeslips will then install the Borland Database Engine (BDE)

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