Sage Error Server Busy (Reasons and How to Fix it)

Sage server busy issue

Errors are the most annoying things one can get when working on something very critical or urgent. In fact it is a pain whenever you are in the middle of something and it gets stuck. Sage 50 is software which can make accounting a smooth show. This is used worldwide and has many companies dependent on it. However every program has a technical issue that comes up sometime or the other.The Sage 50 also has a few technical snags that come up quite often. If you have a dedicated team of professionals to deal with it then you are in safe hands, else you will need to find ways to get the problem resolved. One such problem is Server Busy.

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  • The Cause

This error is when you are using the program remotely through a local server or through CAE. The error message says that the server is busy; and you may need to “switch to” to activate the problem and correct it as well. When the switch to option is selected the start menu opens up automatically. This problem occurs when you try to exit the Sage software as well. It even asks to back up the data and displays the same error once again. The program then needs 15-20 clicks to close completely.

  • The Reason

The windows error message appears when two programs are simultaneously running and the required resource is not released by the currently running program. Since this is not released the Sage 50 is unable to start the software. Windows thinks of it as a network service conflict but the adware or the spyware can also cause the problem to the same.

  • The Resolution

The reason is simple as the computer or a particular program is not releasing the desired resources and so the program cannot be launched. However closing applications that are not necessarily required can be a quick resolution. This can help identify the problem. Also stop configuring the programs to automatically search for updates as this can cause the problem to occur again and again. If you are trying to send the files to PDF or Excel and are getting the server busy message, then open the task manager and select the processor tab; choose the program that is throwing the question and click the End process option. Do not end a process if you are not completely sure about it. This can close the program that you are actually using and can disrupt the work you have been doing smoothly. If you find svchost.exe then this is used by many programs and should not be stopped. But for cuteftppro.exe it can be definitely closed as it is a cause of the Sage not responding. Now you can send the file to PDF or Excel easily. You may also check the programs that are running on your computer by opening the Run command and typing MSCONFIG on it. This will help you to understand the real problem.

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If you have a fair idea about editing registry then you can do that as well to eliminate the problem. But editing the system files and the registry is for advanced users only. If this has not been a successful attempt from your end do not try to do it at all. You will find free tools online such as the Windows MSCONFIG Utility that help in removing the unwanted items from the start menu.

All these are technical terms and one needs a good knowledge to deal with them. Deleting a program or an exe without complete knowledge can hamper the other programs and stop the smooth functioning.

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