How to Fix Sage 50 Error 1706

Sage 50 Error 1706

Sage 50 business accounting software manages all business accountancy and fulfills all business essentials with proper scheduling. Like as many other online software, Sage 50 also has bugging or error issue. While working with Sage 50 online accounting software, you may face error problems and Sage Pay error code 1706 is one of the most finding error which usually occurs due to many reasons such as downloading or up-gradation installation of software is blocked by anti-virus approach and another reason is when you not upgraded your system with the 365 office in your PC and one of the most possible reason is when installer file is not able to find the location. We give you all alternative solutions to resolve this error problem.

To fix Sage Pay Error 1706, we give you all alternative solutions in all possible ways:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Troubleshooting 1: Delete all temporary folders and clean the window

🔹 First of all, click on the run command and write %temp%.
🔹 After that, select all temporary files and folders and click on Delete.
🔹 Then you need to click on “Do this” if in any case “Folder in use” display on your system screen.
🔹 After the completion of processing, verify the Sage account is open or not.

Troubleshooting 2: You need to disable the anti-virus software with these steps:

🔹 Firstly, go to the settings and disable your anti-virus.
🔹 Then you need to sure about the up-gradation of installed software.
🔹 After the completion of the installation, click on “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage software\simply accounting\Download” link.
🔹 In the end, open the folder “SA_[software version]ODCP1.exe” and click on it and you are all set run this software without any error as any administrator.

Troubleshooting 3: If you are not working with office 365, you need to disable all upgrade versions by following these steps:

🔹 You need to check and disable all automatically installed products. So, you can easily stop irrelevant update installation via 78871 which helps you how to off or on the automatic turn of latest updates.
🔹 After implementing all this processing, it’s very necessary to click on the “Remind me later” option.

Troubleshooting 4: To resolve this error, go with safe mode startup setting mode:

🔹 First of all reboot system and go with new settings.
🔹 Then select the startup mode to ensure the latest up-gradation.

Troubleshooting 5: you need to check all pending windows with latest updates:

🔹 In any case, if you find missing or corrupted file of updates which leads to cause the window install script.
🔹 You need to check all pending files and run all the up-gradation with the latest version.

Troubleshooting 6: You must be sure about registry setting by performing these little steps:

🔹 Go to the settings and check the settings of the registry.
🔹 If it’s updated with the latest version then go with an OK click and if not then go with these steps:
🔹 To repair the settings to register, you need to run with the Microsoft Dixit tool or any other third party tool.
🔹 At last, again install the software and agree with all on-screen instructions.

sage error 1706

How to reach us?

If you still not resolve this error by implementing all the above troubleshooting operations, you can easily get in touch with our Sage technical and non-technical support team via Sage customer support helpline number or drop your all queries at [email protected] They are 24/7 available to reply back your all queries and gives you full assistance to resolve your error issues or do Sage 50 chat support with our professional expertise.

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