How to Check Sage 50 US Edition Permissions Utility

Sage 50 US Edition Permission Utility

To check your Sage 50 US Edition Permission Utility, you need to click on the Path Folder. Sage provides utilities through which you can set permissions (Both automatically and manually). The utility is compatible with only two versions operating system: Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.

To run the utility, you need to have an updated version of Sage 50 installed in your system.

Point to be noted: If you have multiple users in your Workstation or Computer, you need to run the utility for all the Windows Users one by one.

Steps to Access and Run the Utility.

  • Go to the Attachment Section, select exe and then click on the Run in the Web Browser. To save the application on your Local Drive, click on the Save the Application.
  • Go to the Location of your own choice and then double click on the exe and the program with start getting executed.
  • The Sage 50 Program has a particular pre-selected path that will be displayed.

Point to be noted: If any operating system has more than one Sage 50 versions installed in it, it will display multiple paths. You can make selection or de-selection of a specific path as per your requirement.

  • Now, select the Repair Permission and then enter the details of the Window Administrator.

Point to be noted: You may get a message to Log-in with Administrator Rights. Follow the message (It completely depends on the system requirement)

  • Once the process of permission utility finishes, in the top right corner, select X and then closes the Utility.

To modify the current settings manually to the Sage 50 Program Path, here are the steps that you need to follow (These below-mentioned steps are specifically for those who use Windows with Multiple User Profile or Windows Terminal Service in the same computer)

  • Click on the Windows Start button –> Select Computer/Windows Explorer and then click on the Sage 50.

Point to be noted: The Default Sage 50 Program Path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage

  • Right click on the Sage 50 and click on the Properties
  • Now, click on the Security Tab.
  • In the User Name or Group Section, click on the Edit Button.
  • Click on the user group in the permission windows and then uncheck the box.
  • In the Allow Column; uncheck the boxes to Modify, Write and Full Control. Now, apply the settings by clicking on
  • Now, come back to the security tab and select the Edit button with User Name Section.
  • Click on Add in the Permission Window.
  • Enter the Group (s) or User Name (s) of the desired Window and then select OK.
  • Click on the Newly Added User and then go to the Allow Column to check Full Control Box.
  • Click on OK to apply the settings.
  • Select OK and then go to the properties window in the Security Tab.

Final Words!

The brief above contains various technical and functional aspects. You need to follow all the steps with great attention. If you still find issue with the permission utility, call our Sage 50 tech support team on our Sage toll-Free Number or connect with us via Live Chat Support from our website.

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