Restoring Sage 50 US Version to Sage 50 CA

Restoring Sage 50 US Version to Sage 50 CA

When you download the product upgrades or updates or product maintenance there might be a need for data conversion. However, sometimes the data conversion process fails because of the sudden system lock up or any other issues then uninstalling the Sage 50 upgrade is not a solution. In this situation restoring the backup process is a savior solution. The below write-up will teach you the guide explaining restoring Sage 50 US Version to Sage 50 CA to fix the issue triggering the conversion process.

How to Restore the Sage 50 US Version to Sage 50 CA?

To tackle data conversion errors, you can use the backup restore method to fix it. Here are the steps to restore the backup:

  • If the Sage system is not running then start the Sage 50 update 
  • Locate the File option then click the Restore button
  • Choose the folder and the existing data conversion backup file you need to restore 
  • The backup conversion is in the actual company data folder. The default file name for the backup conversion is BackupV#.ptb.
  • If you have already chosen the checkbox named Include company file in the data conversion wizard then the backup file will be replaced with the old company name
  • Once you have chosen the correct .ptb file then hit the Next button
  • Choose to restore to a new company file 
  • It will launch the Restore option window 
  • It will let you select which files you need to restore
  • Hit Next button 
  • Check the choices then click the Finish option 
  • While the restore process then Sage 50 launches a process indicator.
  • Once you have restored the Sage 50 us version then you will see a Data conversion wizard on the screen

How to Start the Data Conversion Wizard in Sage 50?

  • Click on the File menu in Sage 50 
  • Hit Open Company file 
  • Finish the introductory text 
  • Once you completed the tasks asked through the introductory text then hit the Next tab to redirect to the further window 
  • Click the Next tab to appears in the window labeled Data conversion Wizard Backup
  • Choose the button named Backup to process the process 
  • Once you backup the company files then hit the Next button to begin the conversion process
  • Now the Data conversion in process page will launch on the screen to notify the process percentage 
  • Once the process is completed then there will appear a congratulations message for the success confirmation 
  • Click Finish Button

Hopefully, the information helped to restore the Sage 50 US version to Sage 50 CA to tackle the errors. Using the restore feature lets you restore the backup data files of the company files, web transactions, and intelligence and custom forms. In case of any confusion or queries getting expert assistance will acts as the best savior. The restoring process might be a risky task because of overwriting risks. Hence reaching the professional to help you with the same is a time-saving decision.

If you looking for Sage 50 technical assistance just call us on 1800 964 3096 you can also chat with us on our chat support helpdesk.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

What If I need to find the backup files in Sage 50?

The backup file appears in the company data folder in the *.ptb file extension.

What tasks can I do with the restore Options window?

This window helps in restoring the files, backup custom forms including customized invoices.

How would I use the restore option windows to restore the Sage 50 US version company file?

🔹 Choose the checkbox named customized forms 
🔹 Click on the Sage 50 web transaction center to restore transactions
🔹 Hit the check box labeled Web Transactions
🔹 Now all unprocessed web transactions are displayed. These transactions were synchronized with WebSync Wizard after the date when you lost the backup
🔹 Click checkbox named company data to restore the backup files of the company file

What if I need to restore the intelligence reporting reports in the Sage 50 US version?

Yes, you can easily restore the intelligence reports. For this, you need to choose the checkbox named intelligence reporting reports

How would I use the Backup button in Sage 50?

🔹 Click File button
🔹 Choose Backup tab
🔹 It will display the window named Backup company 
🔹 Choose the checkbox named Reminder if you need to be prompted to back for particular days 
🔹 Click on the checkbox labeled include company name in case you need Sage 50 to add the company file in the backup file 
🔹 In case you need Sage 50 to add the archive companies in the backup file then 🔹 Click the checkbox which says Include archives in the backup 
🔹 Choose the include attachments in the backup if you need Sage 50 to embed files you have linked to store and transactions in the backup file 
🔹 Hit the backup tab to fill or choose the location to save the Sage 50 backup file 
🔹 Choose the Close button if you are not prepared to back up the company data
🔹 Click Save inbox in the Save backup as window 
🔹 Hit Save and then choose the OK button

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