Sage Error: “A Company File with the Same ID is Currently Being Shared”

A company file with the same ID is currently being shared

Sage Error: “A company file with the same ID is currently being shared” when trying to share the file with Remote Data Access. The error message also says “if you want to share this company you need to open the other company and stop sharing”. The most probable cause is- if the file with the same company name is already shared when opening a file that was uploaded to Remote Data Access (RDA). Don’t fret, as this blog discloses all the possible ways that help you to fix the Sage Error: “A company file with the same ID is currently being shared” with much ease.

3 Different Methods to Resolve Sage Error: “A Company File with the same ID is currently being shared”

To make this error easily rectified, you can try to implement the methods described below one by one.

Method 1: Stop Sharing the File Currently Shared for this Company

  • Go to the File or Connect to a Shared Company
  • Or, simply select the “Connect shared Company” in the Sage 50 Startup menu
  • Next, login with the Sage account email address if asked
  • Now, if the company name that you were trying to share is listed in the “Shared Company” list and select the same
  • After that, click “Connect” if you do not see the company listed and continue with method 2
  • Modify the file name and therefore you don’t overwrite the existing company file and then click on the “Save” button
  • Move to the File / Remote Data Access when the shared file is open and then click on the “Stop Sharing”
  • (To do this, you must be logged in with the file owner’s Sage ID)
  • Close this file after it is no longer shared, then reopen the updated copy of the company file that you were unable to share previously
  • Share the company file with others.

Method 2: The File Menu and Save a Copy of the File with a New Name

  • Move to the File menu and save a Copy of the file with a new name
  • Next, go to the Setup >>> Settings >>> Information and then change the company name to something different
  • Try to share the file once again “Remote Data Access”
  • Continue with method 3 if this does not work or do not resolve the error.

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Method 3: Restored File Convert the Company File

  • Restore from a backup from before the company file was converted to Sage 50 2020.0
  • On the fourth page of the restore from backup wizard, click on the Browse to modify the location or name that you’re restoring too
  • It allow you to keep an open the file and then run reporting on any transactions that you may required to be reentered into the restored file Convert the company file to 2020.2 just by clicking the “Start” button
  • Share the company file once the file is open
  • You can do this by going to the File >>> Remote Data Access >>> Share company.


Hopefully, with these methods the Sage Error: “A company file with the same ID is currently being shared” will be resolved easily. And you can continue to start sharing your company file within Sage 50 on cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the process involved in Sharing the Sage Company Data File using Remote Data Access?

With the help of below steps, you can easily share the Sage Company Data File using Remote Data Access:
1. Go to the File menu >>> Remote Data Access >>> Share Company
2. Click the “Share” button >>> Get Started
3. Go through the on-screen wizard instructions
4. And then click “Yes, I am the right person”
5. Confirm the company information
6. Log in with your existing Sage ID (if you do not have a Sage ID, enter an email address and you will be prompted to create one first
7. After your Sage ID is confirmed you will be prompted to enter the password
8. Once the file is set up and uploaded to Remote Data Access you will have an option to manage the users or
9. Finish if there are no more users to add at this time.

Can the Company Data File be shared by more than One Person in Sage?

The company data owner or a person who initially shared the data to Sage Drive can invite up to 4 other users to share the company data. However, only one person can work on the file at a time.

How does the Sage Drive Sharing work and what happens when I share My File?

When you share a Sage company data in Sage Drive then a copy of the .sai and .saj folder is created in your Sage Drive servers. The data in Sage 50 is synced between the local copy and the Sage Drive copy.

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