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Sage Payment Solutions

Sage Payment Solutions is a smart and simple business solution that assists in making payments and manages your money. With Sage Payment Solution, you get paid faster with services like e-invoicing by simply creating custom invoices and clicking to pay option and automatic payment reconciliation. It also helps you identify error in all phases of your business.

Using Sage Payment Solution for online payment processing could be beneficial for your business from a range of other value-added features comprising of mobile wallet, our donation, and shopping cart tools.

Payment Processing Services for any Business

  • One place, multiple resources: The exceptional business model covers all the business sizes as a service provider, through partnerships and innovation.
  • Incorporated global payment processing: Manages the funds flow effortlessly with suitable payment processing options and incorporation with Sage accounting products.
  • Scalable solutions for ISVs and Developers: APIs that match up to technology so you can convey the experience to the customer while remaining on the edge of innovation.

Online Payment Solution Devices

  • Online payment processing functions similarly like acquiring from the store. When your customer inserts their card or inspection information, the virtual terminal or gateway communicates with the card issuer to ensure they have sufficient funds to cater the purchase.
  • The processing also activates encrypted safekeeping measures to make certain there’s no doubtful activity on the card being used.
  • The funds are relocated to the merchant services account until it is released to your company’s bank account, most often within two business days.
  • With an updated payment processing setup, you can allow online payments from all the customers in one user-friendly management system.
  • A sage payment solution caters to a range of flexible products that are simple to manage and incorporates flawlessly with lots of different accounting and business management tools, and ERP.

Payment Mode and Services

  • E-invoicing: E-invoicing allows the customers to pay online, directly from the invoice with a simple click-to-pay button.
  • ACH payments and Electronic check: With this particular service, you are able to easily set up ACH debits as one-time recurring payments or charges. Sage Payment Solution electronically verifies entered information by using the virtual terminal. This makes processing and accepting payments both accurate and faster while safeguarding your business from the check fraud.
  • Fraud prevention: Sage payment solution helps you to safeguard your company against any fraud, with encrypted credit card processing and PCI-compliant security as well as Card Verification Value. Our Sage help team can also assist you in secure EMV payment processing.

Accountingadvice Sage Helpdesk

Although Sage payment solution provides the user with a more convenient and faster payment procedure, however, at times you might encounter complicated issues which are difficult to fix manually. In such a situation, Accountingadvice Sage helpdesk provides support services to every Sage user and ensures that the Sage Payment Solution functions smoothly without any trouble. You can choose any available communication medium like contact service, online chat and email support which is actively accessible 24×7.

To connect with our certified and experienced Sage experts, you can straightaway call at Accountingadvice Sage toll-free helpline number 1800 964 3096. You can also avail online support via Sage Live chat support at our official website.

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Sage Chat help desk

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