How to Fix Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14

Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14

The Sage 50 Decline code Error 14 is an “Invalid Card Error”. It generally occurs when the card number entered by the customer in incorrect while making a payment. Thus as a result the payment is declined by the bank. The decline errors also comes under the category of the Bank Error codes or Transaction Decline codes. In these types of the errors the payment is declined or rejected by the bank and you will not receive your payment.

The Sage 50 is the accounting software which was developed by the Sage Group for the small and medium size organizations. The sage 50 was created in such a way that even a person who is not from the financial and accounting background can easily work on it. Now there may be some circumstances where a sage user can encounter some error or have some query regarding the Sage 50 software or regarding the Sage Decline Code errors. Along with the decline errors a person can come across the gateway rejection errors as well. And in such circumstance you can contact the accountingadvice by just calling their sage 50 toll free number . And they will instantly provide you with the solution to any problem you come come across.

Steps to Fix Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14

The Sage 50 decline error 14 is caused when a customer was a making a payment and has entered incorrect card number or invalid card number. This results in payment rejection by customer’s bank due to the incorrect entry of the card number. It is declined by the customer’s bank as the card number entered for the payment is incorrect. This decline error is quite different from the gateway rejections.

So here are the following cases or scenario where your payment may be blocked even though a user is trying to make payment but the user has come across the Sage 50 decline error 14.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Case I – Entered the Correct Card Number

💠 As this error is due to invalid card number, if the user has entered the card number manually then they can easily enter the card number again making sure to enter the correct numbers and trying the process of transaction again.

Case II – Clean the Virtual Terminal Card Machine

If the user is using the virtual terminal to make a transaction by swiping his/her card, then may be the magnetic card which is present in the card may be damaged or the card reader is not clean or damaged thus restricting or blocking your payment.

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Case III – Enable your Swiping Device

💠 If the user has swiped the card through the sage software application, then make sure whether the Sage 💠 Exchange has the correct device i.e. the card reader enabled. You can follow the steps below to enable your swiping device:
💠 There is a SE icon in the system tray which is located in the right side bottom of your screen, just next to the clock. Right click on it.
💠 Now select the settings option.
💠 Go to the correct device option and enable it.
💠 Then click on OK
💠 Now right click on the SE icon again and click on the Restart Application.
💠 Retry the transaction again.

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Final Words!

Now depending upon your mode of transaction or situation try out the different transaction method. But even after trying those, you are not satisfied with the outcome and need further assistance. You can always contact the accountingadvice by dialing their toll free number .

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