How to Fix Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14

To Fix Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14

Sage 50 is highly regarded as one of the most efficient and comprehensive accounting software for businesses and also for individuals dealing with accounting. However, one thing we should understand is that no software can be 100% free of errors or bugs and Sage 50 also has its fair share of such issues. Many users have written to us that they have faced the Sage 50 decline code Error 14 and are looking for quick and easy solutions.

We know, it can be really annoying to encounter such errors if you are in the middle of something important. Don’t worry! You are just at the right place. In this blog, we will tell you some easy methods to resolve this issue. 

First things first! Let’s get to know what this error is and what the reasons behind its occurrence are..

What is the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14?

The Sage 50 Decline code Error 14 is also known as the “Invalid Card Error”. This is basically a decline error and comes under the category of the Bank Error codes or Transaction Decline codes. It appears when a bank denies a particular transaction. This error generally occurs when a customer enters an incorrect card number while making a payment.

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What are the Possible Reasons for the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14?

The major causes of the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14 are-

  • Incorrect card number ( debit or credit card) entered by a customer while making a payment
  • If the card of the customer is blocked for some reason or other
  • damaged magnetic card ( in case of payment by virtual terminal)
  • damaged/ unclean card reader ( in case of payment by virtual terminal)

What are the Methods to Fix the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14?

 Here, we are going to discuss multiple methods to resolve this issue-

Method I – if the wrong Card Number has been entered

If it is observed that the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14 has occurred due to entering the wrong debit/credit card number manually, the user may be asked to enter the card number again. He should make sure that the correct number is entered. If the transaction is still declined, please proceed to the methods given below.

Method II – Clean the Virtual Terminal

It may so happen that the user is making the payment through the virtual terminal by swiping his/her card. In this case, the error may be caused due to a damaged magnetic stripe or the card reader is damaged / not clean. You can try to perform the transaction after cleaning the card reader or the virtual terminal.

Method III – Enable your Swiping Device

If you have swiped the card through a Sage application (such as Sage 100, Intergy, Sage 50 etc.) you need to make sure that the Sage Exchange Desktop has the correct device (card reader, in this case) enabled. To enable, perform the steps below-

  • Go to the bottom right of your monitor
  • Near the clock, you will see the SE icon on the system tray
  • Right click on it
  • Click on the settings option
  • Select the correct device option and enable it
  • Click OK
  • Now right click the SE icon again 
  • Select Restart Application
  • Try the transaction again and check if you are getting the error message

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Final Words!

We hope the troubleshooting options mentioned above would help you a great deal to fix the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14 on your computer. If you are still unable to resolve this decline error or if you encounter any difficulties in performing the steps outlined above, we recommend that you should consult with an experienced Sage professional.

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the steps to Fix the Sage Decline Error Code 0005?

Please follow the steps shown below-
1. Click on the Start button 
2. Go to Program
3. Then click on the Accessories tab
4. Click system>tool from the system restore drop-down menu 
5. Now click on the ‘Restore my system to an earlier time’ tab 
6. Tab Next
7. From the list displayed on your screen, locate the Restore my system option
8. Click Next 
9. Wait till you receive the confirmation about the successful completion of the restoration process 
10. Restart your system 
11. Install the Sage error code 00005 repair utility kit 
12. After finishing the installation, click on the scan option to find and remove any anti-virus or malware in your system
13. Restart the system
14. Connect with your bank again and enter all the mandatory information
15. Clear all cookies 
16. try making a payment now

What are the Possible Reasons for the Occurrence of the Sage Error 57?

Many technical issues may contribute to the occurrence of the Sage Error 57. Some of these are mentioned below-
1. The card may have got expired or cancelled
2. The spending limit of the card may have got exceeded
3. The user may not have activated the card
4. The card is not current on payments
5. Some fraudulent activity has been tried with the card
6. Wrong card details may have been provided by the processor
7. The card may have got damaged
8. The card reader may not have been working properly

What is a Decline Code?

If a user encounters a decline error, he should understand the error is related to financial institutions. You may encounter this error while making a payment with a credit or debit card. A decline code explains why a particular card transaction was declined. There could be several causes for this error. It could also be about the security of the concerned financial institution. Any flaw in the institution’s security system could result in decline errors. Financial institutions quite often decline transactions due to issues such as failure to perform the correct procedure, failure to supply authenticated security information, or the suspicion of an unauthorized transaction. Examples of decline code errors in Sage are – Sage Error 57, Sage Decline Error Code 0005, Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14 and so on.

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