Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022 Shutting Down after Login following Windows Update

Issue Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022 Shutting Down after Login

All the software in the Sage family always keeps itself updated with regular patches and new versions. The Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022 is another important addition to the Sage family. It has been empowered with new and enhanced features. It also includes effective remedies to errors that prevailed in older versions. 
However, we must not forget one thing that no software is 100 % free of errors and bugs and Sage 50 is also not free of issues either. Many users have intimated to us that they faced the issue of Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022 shutting down after login following a Windows update. Are you one of them and are looking for quick solutions? We can be of great help in that case. In this blog, we will provide an easy remedy to fix this issue once and for all.

Causes of the Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022 Shutting Down after Login following Windows Update

Many technical issues may contribute to this issue. Here, we are listing some of the most prominent ones-

How to Fix the Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2022 Shutting Down after Login following Windows Update Issue?

You need to open the Sage 50 2022 software in compatibility mode. Please follow the steps below to do so and fix this issue-

  • Right click on the Sage 50 2022 icon on your desktop
  • Click on Properties
  • choose the compatibility tab
  • Click on the box labeled compatibility mode
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the latest Windows version you have updated to
  • Click OK
  • Launch the Sage 50 2022 application on the admin mode
  • Check if the scales of High DPI are set to high priority
  • Please do the above changes in all the workstations and on the server as well

Please Note the following Points-

  • If the Sage 50 2022 icon is on the Quick Launch ToolBar, right click and unpin it from the taskbar
  • you may re-pin the icon after the above-mentioned changes are made

We hope the troubleshooting method mentioned above would help you fix this issue with ease. If you are still troubled by it, or, if you are having any difficulties in performing the above-mentioned steps, you should speak 1800 964 3096 to some authorized Sage professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Time is required to Upgrade from an Older Version to Sage 50 CA 2022.3?

🔹 The installation speed is dependent on factors such as the processor speed of your system and available free space on the memory/ hard drive. 
🔹 The server installation usually takes longer as compared to installing on workstations.
🔹 After the installation is complete, you will need to convert each company to the new version. The conversion time would depend on the database size and the number of database versions to convert. 
🔹 If you want to install the program on a network, it will be first installed on the server. Then it will be installed on individual workstations similarly.

How can I avoid Possible issues after the Sage 50 2022 Update?

While installing the Sage 50 2022 edition, please consider the following points. These are to ensure no complication arises before or during the said installation. 
🔹 Make sure that all the workstations meet the minimum requirements to install the Sage 50 2022 version. 
🔹 Turn the antivirus off. You can turn it on after the installation is completed
🔹 Before starting the installation, make sure to close all the applications running in the background, 
🔹 Turn the firewall on and activate the notifications necessary
🔹 Set the UAC notifications to minimum.

What Are the System Requirements for Installing the Sage 50 CA Version 2022?

Before upgrading from older versions of Sage to Sage 50 CA 2022.3, you need to make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements mentioned below-

🔹 2.0 GHz processor, both for single and multiple users
🔹 4 GB RAM 
🔹 5 GB storage is needed for the Sage Drive company files
🔹 Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, with all the latest Microsoft updates 
🔹 1 GB free disk space 
🔹 Internet Explorer 11.0 (higher versions are preferred for Sage Payments Solutions,
🔹 Sage Payroll Solutions and integration with other connected services). 
🔹 Microsoft.NET framework 4.7.2 
🔹 DirectX Dependency for .NET . 
🔹 Small fonts/DPI settings are preferable. 
🔹 Preferable download speed of 25 Mbps 
🔹 Upload speed of 10 
🔹 Mbps 
🔹 16-bit SVGA Video with a preferred resolution of 1280 x 800.

How to Download and Install the Sage 50 2022 Edition?

Here are the steps to follow –
🔹 First, you need to download the installation file for Sage 50 2022
🔹 For this, launch the Sage application on the server
🔹 Click the  Services tab
🔹 Click OK to proceed
🔹 Now, click on  the option  labeled Check for any Updates
🔹 Next, go to Options 
🔹 Click the Check tab
🔹 Click on the option Sage 50 2022 Upgrade 
🔹 Next, tab on Download 
🔹 After the download gets completed, close the Sage application. 
🔹 Now, follow the instructions dismayed on the screen to proceed with the installation

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