Decoding the Sage Intacct Sync Error

The Sage Intacct Sync Error

Integrating Sage Intacct has been designed to make invoicing and payment tracking to be able to run smoothly. However, there is still the potential for running into certain obstacles along the way. In this article, we will find out about some of these commonly occurring error messages you might observe when trying to sync the Sage Intacct, as well as how you can resolve these issues.

Also, you need to know that this error message will occur when the user is trying to export a project over to Sage Intacct; however, there is already a project with the same ID in Sage Intacct. As the error message states, you will need to change the ID of your project into something new in order for it to be able to sync accordingly. After changing the ID and saving the required changes, the user should be able to export the project without any further problems. Let us understand a bit more about this error:

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What is the Sage Intacct Sync Error?

  • The error triggers a text Sage Intacct Sync Error: This means that the document you are creating has no specified location. Hence you need to specify a location either within the Line Item or in the Financial Account.
  • How does the Sage Intacct Sync Error arise?
  • When the user is Checking the Accounts within Sage Intacct, that are not accurately set-up and are missing a Location ID. 
  • When the Invoices Summary frequency has been set to User Specified.

How do I Resolve the Sage Intacct Sync Error?

Now, let us figure out about how to resolve the issue:

Solution 1: Set up a Location ID

Set up a Location ID

As the main reason for this error is an unspecified Location ID, hence the best method to fix this problem is to set up a Location ID for Checking Accounts. This is how you can do so:

  • Start by Opening the Sage Intacct application.
  • Now Login as an Administrator.
  • Next Move over to the Applications menu.
  • Now, Click on Cash Management here.
  • After this you need to move over to the Setup option.
  • Next Select the Checking option.
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Go to the Location field.
  • It is here that you should select the correct location or entity from the offered options.
  • Click on the Save option.
  • Now Sync it again.
  • Repeat the Step 5-9 for all the Checking Accounts.
  • Your Location ID will thus be created.
  • Finally, Reboot your system.
  • Now you can Open Sage Intacct to check if the issue has been solved.

Solution 2: Alter the Frequency of Summary

In order to be able to resolve this issue, you need to change the Invoices Summary frequency to either Daily or Monthly. Follow the steps to do so-

Alter the Frequency of Summary
  • Start by Opening the Sage Intacct software.
  • Next Move over to the Accounts Receivable option.
  • Now, Select Configure Accounts Receivable options.
  • Next you can Scroll down over to Accounting Settings.
  • Go to the Summary Frequency option.
  • Next Update the Invoices field to either Daily or Monthly.
  • Click on Save.
  • Sync once again.
  • Now, Restart your system.
  • Finally you can now open the Sage Intacct application inorder to check if the issue has been resolved.

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So, there you have it people, here are some of the aspects regarding the Decoding the Sage Intacct Sync Error. However if you still continue to encounter further problems with the same, be sure to visit us at and you are sure to have your doubts resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why Does the Sync Error Occur?

Once you select a project dimension within a bill, that project should be associated with the customer dimension that you have selected at the line item level, within Sage Intacct, or this error will occur all over again.

How to Fix the Sync Error

With In the Sage Intacct, you need to associate the selected customer over to the selected job/project. For this you need to enter a Begin Date that is before the date of the bill, and sync. Likewise, you also need to edit the bill and select a customer and job that have been previously associated within Sage Intacct and sync all over again.

What is meant by the Sage Intacct Sync Error?

This implies that the document you are trying to create has no specified location. For this you need to Specify a location either within the Line Item or within the Financial Account.

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