How to Fix Sage 50 Invoice Errors

Sage 50 Invoice Errors

Sage 50 is accounting software. This software was introduced so that the medium and small sized business can focus more on their business and letting this software handle their accounts and financial data. So there may be times when we are working on the Sage 50 software and we have some queries related to it or face some errors, in that situation a person should not panic but get in touch with the sage 50 technical support team. They just have to dial the toll free number and the sage expert will get in touch.

What is Sage 50 Invoice Errors

As we all know Sage is an expert bookkeeping device for the business. It is packed with the wide variety of the items that can secure the financial data of the small and medium size business. Among numerous Sage tools or the software, the SAGE 50 is a very important one. SAGE 50 is business administration programming software. This SAGE item is a membership based item program.

While working on this software, sometimes the user encounters an error called the “Invoice error”. This Error generally occurs when a user is trying to a message or invoice through email. You receive error messages such as

Email MAPI error : An error occurred in sending the message.” ,”Error 2 MAPI E FAILURE”, “Sage 50 Cannot Communicate With Your Email Program”

This means the Sage 50 software is facing some problem while sending customer invoices via email. It is receiving some error code like communication error or default mail not set up, etc. If you receive such messages, accountingadvice is there for you. You can either go to their link or just dial the Sage support number and the Sage expert will help you with your problem.

Checking Sage Email Setup

To send proceedings by email the user should first work on Sage 50 Email Setup. For the set up, the users must do the following:

  • Configure the default email settings
  • Then add the email settings to the document

Sage Email Generic Com Error

Sage Accounts helps in forwarding reports and outlines by email through a webmail or The Microsoft Outlook. Then again, you can set up records to normally send to pre-set email addresses or email addresses from your Sage Accounts data.

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How to Fix Sage Email Invoices

The user can follow the steps below in order to create or set up a Sage 50 Email Set up. It can be created on the following Email services:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo

In case you’re not using one of the above email service providers, then you can design the settings in Sage Accounts. But first you have to first check and make a note of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings for your email supplier.

As you know that the Sage 50 is not email programming. In this manner, it needs support from other email customer and quite possibly you may deal with SAGE 50 Email Send Error.

The SAGE 50 Email Send Error occurs when you may be Unable to Send Mail SAGE 50. On the off chance that you assert that you have introduced the right email customer, yet at the same time not able to email you can do the accompanying:

  • Confirm your email customer for the setup as the default email program in your PC.
  • If you find this mistake then “Mistake: “Email MAPI blunder: A mistake happened in sending the message.KB10731, strategy 2 (Vista/7/8) or technique 3 (XP)”. Go to the Control Panels, Default Programs, Set your default programs, select your email customer and snap Choose defaults for this program, ensure the crate of Send Mail is checked under MAPI.
  • If despite everything it does not respond to email, then finish off of Sage 50 and Outlook. Go to Control Panels, Programs and Features. Select Sage 50 Accounting and snap Change. Tap on OK when the message “you right now have Sage 50 installed…” flies up. Pick Add/Remove Program Components and snap Next Uncheck Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and tap on Next. Rehash a similar strategy and re-include the checkmark for Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to have the add-on reinstalled. At that point, email the exchange from Sage 50.
  • If regardless it comes up short, you may need to uninstall and reinstall your email programming. On the off chance that you have to take this course, kindly reinforcement your email message first.

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Even after taking up such measures, the users remains unsatisfied with the result. Then they should contact the Accountingadvice by dialing their toll free number.

Final Words!

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Invoice payment is a critical function for a business. It results in cash flow from customers/services/product users. The consistent inflow of cash is what keeps a business afloat. An uninvited halt or delay in payment may impede the business’s day-to-day operations. We understand this and this is why we have shared solutions to fix Sage 50 Invoice Errors. If you are still unable to resolve this decline error or if you encounter any difficulties in performing the steps outlined above, we recommend that you should consult with an experienced Sage professional.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

I am getting the ‘Sage 50 invoice not posted’ error message and I have been advised to stop and start the Sage Transaction Manager to fix this issue. How to do this?

Here is how you can start the Transaction Manager in Sage 50-

🔷 Log in to the system that hosts the company data
🔷 Click on Start 
🔷 Click on Settings 
🔷 Navigate to Control Panel
🔷 Go to the Administrative Tools section
🔷 Go to Services
🔷 From the list on your screen, highlight the Sage 50 Transaction Manager 
🔷 Right-click on it and click on Start, if not running (if running , click Stop)
🔷 Finally, right-click this item again and choose Stop (or Start)

What is the procedure to Delete an Invoice in Sage 50?

Here are the steps to follow, if you need to delete an invoice in Sage 50 –

🔷 Open Sage 50
🔷 Navigate to the Invoicing Window
🔷 Select the invoice (s) you wish to delete.
🔷 Now click on the Delete tab
🔷 A prompt will be displayed, asking if you are sure to delete invoice (s). 
🔷 Click on the Yes button, if you wish to delete. If you are not sure and need more time, click No.
🔷 If one or more of these invoices have not been posted or printed earlier, Sage will display a warning. In such a case, you may require to confirm the deletion once again.

How can I email a batch of invoices from the Sales or Invoicing Window in Sage?

You can follow the steps mentioned below-

🔷 Open Sage 50
🔷 Go to the Tasks menu
🔷 Click on Sales/Invoicing. Sage 50 will display the Sales/Invoicing window
🔷 Click on the Print drop-down box
🔷 From the menu, click Select Invoices to Print
🔷 The Preview and Print filter window will be displayed on your screen
🔷 While emailing invoices, you can select invoices not emailed before, invoices saved in the Sales/Invoicing window without any invoice number or invoices sent previously
🔷 By default, Sage 50 displays the first invoice number suggested in the field labeled Number the first invoice. You can also change the invoice number, if you need.
🔷 After you finish making the necessary selections, click on Print/Email. You may get a prompt, asking if you want to complete the emailing task. 
🔷 After you finish sending the invoices on email, Sage will display a prompt, asking if the invoices are emailed correctly and if you want the journal to be updated. 
🔷 Check your invoices and click Yes if found ok. 
🔷On clicking Yes, Sage will record the Invoice numbers to the Sales Journal.
If you click No, the Invoice numbers will be left blank. These invoices will be sent once again during the next run for invoices.

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