Sage 50 Peachtree Maintain Inventory Items and Last Unit Cost

Sage 50 Peachtree Maintain Inventory Items and Last Unit Cost

Sage 50 has earned respect as an easy to use desktop accounting software tool for new or old small and medium size organizations. In fact, well established organizations are also using it. It can be armored up to do larger projects too. The popular uses of this software include account payable and receivables, cash flow, timely payment of bills etc. It has been developed keeping the accounting and finance industry needs in mind. At the same time, many numbers of users can use it. Besides, there are forward-looking features like inventory management and module-level security too.

Sage 2018 of Sage 50 U.S. Edition was released on July 12th. The updated brand new version has important improvements which will be multipurpose for any Sage user.

Understanding Inventory Items and Last Unit Cost in Sage 50 Peachtree

Normally, the last unit cost of products should be tracked before you buy for resale – whether these products are kept in inventory or they are taken for circumstantial jobs. For setting this up, a new inventory item has to be created. The ‘Maintain Inventory’ window has to be used. The most crucial field in this window is the ‘Item Class’. The ‘stock item’ has to be selected if one wants to track the most recent price paid. By selecting ‘stock item’, the user can know when this item was purchased. The price has to be recorded in the ‘Last unit cost’ field on the inventory screen to make it smoother. This wonderful feature allows the user to speedily and accurately look up what was paid for that particular entity or item.

Need Expert Help: To Create an Inventory or Service Item Record in Sage 50

Can Stock Items be Returned at the Same Cost as When they were Sold?

That is not possible. Sage 50 applies the cost that the last unit cost is for an inventory item when it was returned so that there are no issues or confusion.

This problem or error code is quite usual in case of Sage accounting products. The options available for supporting this problem are by self-service or paid support options. Sage Experts are there at Accounting Advice to resolve your Sage issue to assure minimal downtime and proceed in running your business. Firstly, try resolving the issue yourself by looking for a resolution. For more detailed explanation about Inventory item Last Unit Cost in Sage 50, get in touch with the Sage 50 tech support team at Accounting Advice. You will be glad by the quick assistance.

What is Accounting Advice?

The Accounting Advice is a Sage tech support team of experts who are drilled in Sage software. They can explain and help the user in understanding all about inventory item last unit cost in Sage 50.

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The Sage technical support experts can also offer you tips for a finer working experience with Sage. The team is available at anytime of the day or night. The way to get in touch with them is via the toll free number 1800 964 3096.

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