Fix Peachtree Error 18

Peachtree Error 18

The Sage 50 Error 18 is one of the most common errors. However this is quite easy to resolve when working in Sage 50. The main reason for this specific error is when the user is trying to create a backup of the data. The main pop-up displayed on the screen appears like:

DynaZIP Error #18…”.

This generally occurs within a Sage 50 drive company. For this you need to put an end to all the sharing along with the renaming of the company file inorder to Solve the Sage 50 Error 18.

Error CodeError 18DeveloperSage Group
Error DescriptionError: “The following error occurred during backup: DynaZIP Error #18…” while in a Sage Drive company.Software:Sage 50
CauseBecause of many glitches in runtime.Applies to:Windows
SymptomIn case the company titles include any special characters then this issue can occur.Possible SolutionYou need to close all the conflicting applications, and reinstall the conflicting applications once again.

Exact Error Displayed While User Faces the Sage 50 Error 18

Error: “The following error occurred during backup: DynaZIP Error #18…” while in a Sage Drive company.

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Possible Causes that Could Lead to Peachtree Error 18

Below are a few listed reasons that can end up to this Peachtree error 18:

  • While present in the Sage Drive Business, the automatic backup can also be instigated, but DynaZIP Error 18 eventually fails.
  • This error can appear during the backup in various forms, including DynaZIP Error 18. If the backup process has been haltered, this error is often faced by the client.
  • If the company title consists of any special characters then this issue can arise.
  • If the customer is not able to take the backup of the data while she/he is present inside the Sage Drive company.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Peachtree Error 18

In order to Solve the Sage 50 Error 18, you need to  first shut down all the conflicting applications and then reinstall the conflicting applications.

Step One

  • In the beginning, just put an end to all the sharing as well as the renaming of the company file.

Step Two

  • Next, close all the programs that are running and for that, you may have to select close it via the Task Manager.

Step Three

  • Open your company once again on the workstation which is shared with the company.

Step Four

  • After that, just put an end to sharing the company

Step Five

  • Now, close your company file

Step Six

  • Again attempt to open it and then click Maintain

Step Seven

  • Once done with that, click on Company Information

Step Eight

  • Erase out all the special characters that are present within the company name then hit Ok

Step Nine

  • Again you have to close your company file

Step Ten

  • Next, navigate the Sage Drive Management Center

Step Eleven

  • Verify whether the company file is listed or not

Step Twelve

  • In any case, the company file is not listed then you’re good to move further

Step Thirteen

  • Share the company once again

Step Fourteen

  • In any case, you find the company is already listed then click on the company name within Sage Drive Management Center

Step Fifteen

  • Click Delete company in order to remove or delete the same and you can the Delete button right there

Step Sixteen

  • Moving ahead you have to share that company including Sage Drive

Step Seventeen

  • At last, verify whether the error message stop coming or not.

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In Conclusion!

So, there you have it friends, these are some of the main aspects when it comes to how to fix Peachtree Error 18. However, for more details on the same, be sure to visit us at and you are sure to be surprised with the information offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can one Recover the Backup Data in Sage?

In order to do this, you need to:
1. Go to your new device, open Settings > Accounts and Backup > Bring data from the old device.
2. Click on Agree > Allow > Receive data > Galaxy/Android.
3. Select Cable or Wireless. 
4. Now click the content you wish to transfer.
5. Finally click on Transfer.

How can one Restore the Backup?

It is possible to restore a new or factory reset Android phone from a Google backup during the process of setup
1. Within the Copy apps and data step, click Next, 
2. Next select Can’t use old device. 
3. Sign in to the same Google account, click on the listed backup
4. Now select the apps and data you wish to restore.

Is it possible to Restore without Backup?

Yes, to do this you need to:
1. Start by Right-clicking the folder containing the missing file.
2. Next Click “Undo Delete.” inorder to return the file to its original place.
3. One can also press “Ctrl+Z” in order to recover the deleted data. 
4. Bear in mind that this process is useless if you restart your system after a file loss.

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