How to Stop Pop Up for Upgrade Sage 2020

Stop Popup for Upgrade Sage 50 2020

What is Pop up blockers?

Pop up blockers are the separate browser windows which open from a single website. It arises when any user clicks on a link or a button on that web-page. It can also happen when the web-page automatically opens a new page. Sage uses pop up windows. To make the use of this feature you need to configure your browser:

  • temporarily disable or turn off the pop up blocking
  • allow pop up window from sage

Open a new browser window without navigating anywhere which completes the below directions for the computer type and which you use. Other software added to your browser can be also pop up blockers.  Yahoo and google toolbars are both popular download are having a pop blocking feature. Check with your desktop support for assistance regarding this.

Steps for Configure the Browser Pop up Window PC


  • Firefox
  1. Click the menu icon
  2. Now go to options
  3. at left menu click content
  4. click on exceptions which are right of Pop-ups
  5. Now type * in the website address field
  6. Click on save changes and then close it
  • IE ( version 11)
  1. Click on Tools at the top right corner of the browser
  2. click on internet options
  3. Go to the Privacy tab
  4. Click on settings within the Pop-up blocker area
  5. Type * in the website address field to allow
  6. Click add and then close it
  • Chrome
  1. Click the Chrome menu icon
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click Privacy and Security
  4. Click on site settings
  5. Click on Pop-ups and redirects
  6. Click on add which is at the right of allow
  7. Type [*.]
  8. Now click the add button


  • Chrome
  1. Follow the above steps ( same as PC users)
  • Firefox
  1. At top left click Firefox
  2. From the drop-down click Preferences
  3. Select the Content tab>>click on exceptions which are next to block pop up windows
  4. Type * and click Allow
  5. Close and click on OK


Safari has no exception function hence pop blocker should be on or off

  1. Select safari then go to Preferences
  2. Click Security
  3. In the web content section, select “Pop up windows” to enable the blocking
  4. Deselect the enable javascript, allow plugins, or do both

Some other Pop up Blocker Software

Now that pop blocking software is coming included  in most of the web browsers, the below “add on” pop up blocking software  is seldom used ( exception of google and yahoo toolbar)

  • Yahoo and google toolbar( in build pop up blockers)
  • Pop up stopper pro
  • Pop up stopper free
  • Pop up Defender
  • AdZapper
  • AdsGone
  • AdFree
  • AdsGone
  • AdAware
  • Internet Sweeper
  • EasyBrowse
  • AdSubstract
  • XenoBlocker
  • IE Doctor
  • StopZilla

Most of the above software has an icon in the area of the browser. You can click it and go for the configuration.

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