How to Setup Email Settings in Sage 100 2019

setup email settings in sage 100 2019

How to email your order invoices directly from Sage 100 using the Paperless Office functionality

Step 1:

  • Go the Library Master
  • Click on the main folder Company Maintenance
  • Select the company that you want the invoices to be mailed from
  • Press on the Email tab
  • Fill in the IP address of the server you are using to send out e-mails and choose the port opened for relaying the mails
  • Enter the User ID and Password for email server authentication
  • Choose the SMTP (encryption needed like SSL )
  • Put in the User name and Password to authenticate on your email server

(Use a new user name and password specifically for this purpose as opposed to using an existing user name and password)

Step 2:

  • Once done click on the Test E-mail to do the test
  • Use the email address you are authenticating from in the From field and Click Accept
  • Once this is done you can go to the Paperless Office Options
  • Make sure the Form box option is checked

Step 3:

  • Once done go to Form Maintenance to tell Sage 100 where the document is being sent from and where we would like to store it
  • Click on the Save icon on the right side of the search glass
  • Click All companies A/P and Select
  • Click the Electronic Delivery option
  • Email address you want the customer to see (like Accountsrceivable@… Or Customerservice@…)
  • Choose the folder on the network where you are storing the document in the PDF Directory field
  • In the Override Password field, you can give a password

(if your emails are password protected, this is the password customer can use in case he forgets the original password)

Step 4:

Next go to the Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance (This is where you set up the message customers will see with the sales order invoice)

Include the Subject Line and the complete message you want to reflect in the box below

There are additional Insert Merge Fields  like customer name, company name etc that can go with the descriptive text below

Step 5:

  • Now go in the Accounts Receivable module > Customer Maintenance > Select the first customer here
  • The email set up already will pop up in the Email Address
  • Select Paperless tab > Go to Document and select the Form that you want (like A/R Invoice, S/O Invoice, A/R statement etc)
  • Make sure Email box is checked
  • Enter customer password to provide the password for the customer to open the email
  • In Additional Email address you can choose the copy of the invoice to go to following people > Click Accept

Step 6:

Last step is to go to the Sales Order > Select the appropriate Paperless Output option > Select PDF or Electronically deliver so you have an electronic copy of the invoice with you too

Once you click on Print it will connect to the email server and send the email

This is how you configure Sage 100 to electronically deliver sales invoices. These are the series of steps that need to be followed in sequence to set up your email for a client in Sage 100. However, if you face any issues or falter on these steps then the help is right a call away.

You can call AccountingAdvice and we can help with your email setup in Sage 100. We are the trusted Sage support service provider in the entire US and Canada region.

Our experts have the right tool and are amply skilled in identifying and resolving even the most difficult error; be it functional, configurationally,  server or data related.

Our facility works 24*7, so you can call us any time of the day or night and we will provide you with the timely optimal solution.

Call on the above Sage 50 support phone number / 24*7*365 days and get the right help. Alternatively, you can resolve your doubts through the Sage 100 live chat. We are also available on the email You can write to us describing the issue and our expert will get back to you with the right solution.


setup email settings in sage 100 2019
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