Sage 50 Error 22665 ( Fix PSQL Server Engine)

Sage 50 Error 22665 Fix

Sage 50 Error code is a run time error named as the Sage Peachtree error 22665 often triggers when the accounting system crashes or failed. This Sage 50 22665 error might display at any time without any warning. This error code notification appears repeatedly on the screen and frustrates the users. It requires closing the software so I need to fix it as soon as possible. The below article will help you to fix this annoying error 22665 in the Sage 50 with the right troubleshooting resolutions.

What are the main Symptoms of the Sage 50 Error Message 22665?

  • This runtime error code pops up on the screen without giving you any warning notification. When this error happens it displays continuously on the screen if you have not fixed it earlier.
  • Sometimes there appear some files or instances of deleted files. This indicates this error triggers because of the virus infection.
  • The majority of the user experience a sudden internet connection drop

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What are the Primary Causes of the Sage 50 Error 22665?

These runtime errors mainly happen when multiple incompatible applications are running simultaneously. However, there are many other causes that are below:

  • Memory issue
  • Security system blocking configuration and installation
  • Other applications interrupting the installation process
  • Enabled User account control
  • Damaged Actian Zen or Pervasive installation
  • Corrupted installation files
  • Wrong security settings on the installation folder
  • A folder named PerasiveMin was mistakenly deleted from the installation folder
  • Some program of the workstations is active
  • Windows user rights are insufficient
  • Virus infection
  • Wrong graphic driver
  • Firewall & Anti-virus interrupt the installation process
  • Installed PSQL server engine

How to Resolve the PSQL Server Engine?

  • Before proceeding with the troubleshooting procedure make sure there is a 16-bit PSQL server engine is installed on the system
  • Restart the system

Resolutions to Fix PSQL Server Engine

Follow the given steps to resolve this PSQL Server Engine Error 22665:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1- If Security settings, Security system, or other applications blocks Installation then here are the steps you need to follow

1. Ensure that you have disabled the antivirus system on the system
2. It may be required to turn off the User Account control
3. It may be needed to install the system in selective startup mode
4. For this, locate the setup.exe and give a right-click on it
5. Choose Run as administrator mode
6. Check the security settings on the installation folder
7. Now set the system as C:\Sage\Sage50_[Release]_[Version]) and Everyone with full control

Method 2- Check the right Installer is used

1. Check the location of the setup.exe in the install directory for the Sage version you are trying to install
2. In case you are using a setup file located in another location you need to close the installation wizard
3. Search to the correct directory
4. Next, locate setup.exe and double-click on it

Method 3- Uninstall & reinstall Actian Zen

1. Here is the list of steps to remove Actian:
2. Close the Sage 50 Accounting-US edition
3. Open the Run window
4. Enter Control Panel
5. Hit OK
6. Choose C:\
7. Press OK
8. If there now delete the folder named pvswarch and pvsw
9. Now delete the file labeled PSQL_v13 Workgroup R2
10. Close the Control Panel
11. Hit on Windows+R buttons
12. Enter C:\ and then hit the OK button
13. If there delete the folder named pvswarch & pvsw
14. Search to C:\Windows
15. Now delete pvsw.log
16. Find the C:\ProgramData
17. Discover folder named Pervasive software to OldPervasive Service
18. Search the folder labeled OLDActian
19. Find C:\Program Files\Common Files or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
20. If there then rename the folder named Actian to OLDActian
21. Now close the computer
22. Hit on Windows+R buttons
23. Enter Regedit
24. Choose OK
25. Locate Computer then hit Export
26. Now save the Registry backup to the desktop of the system
27. Search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node 
28. Now delete Pervasive software & PEYX489ZX
29. Next, close the Registry Editor

Method 4- Check if there is an unsupportive Version of Actian or Pervasive Software

1. Open the control in windows
2. Click Programs & Features 
3. Now open Programs & features
4. Uninstall the pervasive if appears as Actian PSQL vl2 Server Engine SP1
5. Check you can install Sage system

Method 5- Run the standard Installation using the Server

1. Find the \\<servername>\PeachtreeInstaller20xx
2. Now open a folder named Peachw
3. Open folder labeled Install
4. Locate the _Setup.exe and right-click on it
5. Choose Run as administrator

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Here is the above article completes! Hopefully, the information helped you to resolve the Sage error code 22665. In case of any difficulty, you can get connected with the professional team. The team members are there to assist you with the excellent service. Use a Sage 50 live chat, Sage 50 helpdesk phone number , or email address [email protected] to reach the experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How would I manually reinstall Actian in Sage 50?

1. Open folder named PeachtreeInstaller20xx
2. Now open folder PervasiveMin
3. Choose Next button
4. Now Accept the license agreement
5. Choose Next tab
6. Click the Run as a service button
7. Hit Next option
8. Choose Run as a service tab and then Next option
9. Select button which says “complete”
10. Hit Next option
11. Choose Next tab
12. Click Install option
13. Choose Finish tab

How would I Find the Data Path & Program Path?

Here are the steps to find the data path and program path:
1. Launch the Sage 50-U.S Edition
2. Choose File
3. Click the Open Company button
4. Now drag the field corner to display the full directory
5. It appears directory minus the company name truncated spell as the data path

Follow the steps to the program path:
1. Locate icon named Sage shortcut
2. Give right-click on it
3. Choose Properties button
4. It will display a blue highlighted path on the target line minus Peachw.exe
5. If you select Open File location then the program path will display for you

How would I display File extensions & hidden folders, drives, and Files?

1. Open Control Panel
2. Locate file explorer options
3. Click Show hidden files & folders
4. Choose the View option at the top of the page

Below Advanced settings unselect option named Hide extensions for known file types
1.Click Hidden files & folders
2. Choose option named Show hidden files & folder

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