How to Exclude Sage 100 from Antivirus Scans?

exclude Sage 100 from anti-virus scans

When using the Sage 100 accounting system majority of the time the antivirus system interferes or decreases the system and program functionality. To tackle such complexities you need to exclude Sage 100 from antivirus scans. Doing this accurately needs the right information guide. The below article is rounded up with the best solution of the most common question “How to exclude Sage 100 from Antivirus scans”

Why do you Need to Exclude the Sage 100 Program from the Antivirus Scan?

  • When Sage 100 program affects functionality
  • Performance issue
  • If an Antivirus system targeting data files
  • File locking issue

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Steps for Exclude Sage 100 from Antivirus Scans

Make sure you have temporarily disabled the antivirus product to view the performance improvement, speed enhancements, and to deal with error messages. Here are the steps to perform to exclude the Sage 100 program from anti-virus scanning:

Antivirus Product

  • Firstly check if a continuous or aggressive scanning or monitoring of the Sage 100 program exists. If found then disable it. Here are the programs:
  • o   “..\MAS90\Home\Pvxwin32.exe”
  • o   “..\MAS90\Home\pvxiosvr.exe”
  • o   “..\MAS90\Launcher\Launch32.exe”
  • o   “..\MAS90\Launcher\Launcher.old.exe”
  • Now exclude the directory named “..\MAS90” and sub-directories and all the other content on the server with installed Sage 100 
  • Now perform the above procedure in all the workstations. In case there is a premium edition or advanced edition the default installation location is C:\Sage\Sage 100 Workstation\.
  • Open the Sage 100cloud workstations with standard edition with local folders generated for Sage 100 excluding the installation of the crystal reports and folder named common components 
  • Open the Sage 100 cloud 2020 & advanced exclude the folder labeled Sage 100 below the folder named Windows users document 
  • Now exclude the below file extensions:


  • Make sure Spa.NA.Com is a trusted site
  • It is all set to run scans during users out

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Hopefully, the below article is helpful to exclude the Sage 100 from the antivirus scans. It will assist you to improve the functionality and speed of the system. If you face any difficulties to deal with slow speed issues or need to vanish other complexities then get in contact with a professional team. Use a Sage live chat, email address, or phone number to reach the team member to resolve the concerns and save time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Port Numbers do I need to set in the Windows Firewall Configuration?

1. Port numbers 443 (Aatrix Software)
2. 1433 (Microsoft SQL Server)
3. 48750
4. 48760 allows inbound/outbound TCP and UDP using the firewall application.

What If I need to configure the Windows Firewall in my System?

1. Give a click on the Start button
2. Click All Apps and then choose Control Panel
3. Hit System and security tab
4. Open the Windows Firewall
5. Choose “Allow a program or feature via Windows Firewall”
6. Click on the list to select Sage 100 Contractor SQL hosting framework If it is not chosen
7. In case it is not available then you can embed it:
8. C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Sage\Sage100Contractor SQL\Sage.CRE.HostingFramework.Service.exe
9. Make sure there is Microsoft SQL Server, Port numbers and 48760 are permitted inbound/outbound UDP and TCP access using Firewall application

What files do I need to exclude Antivirus using Sage 100 Contractor SQL Antivirus & Firewall?

1. C:\ProgramData\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor SQL
2. C:\ProgramData\Aatrix Software
3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor SQL
4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Aatrix Software
5. C:\%LocalAppData%\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor SQL
6. Sage 100 Contractor data network location! For instance, [Installation Drive Letter]:\Sage100Con\Company.

What are the Files that I need to exclude when manually configuring the Firewall for Windows 8 Professional 32‑bit?

1. C:\MB7
2. C:\ProgramData\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor
3. C:\Program Files\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor
4. C:\ProgramData\Aatrix Software
5. C:\Program Files\Aatrix Software
6. C:\%LocalAppData%\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor
7. Network location of Sage 100 Contractor data

What If I need to Check Permissions in Sage 100?

1. Give a right-click on the icon named Sage 100 
2. Choose Run as Administrator. Here are the steps:
3. Click Properties tab 
4. Now choose a tab named compatibility 
5. Below the Privilege level, choose the checkbox.
6. Now run the program as an Administrator
7. Hit OK to save the applied changes

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