How to Add, Restore or Delete a Company in Sage 50

Add, Restore or Delete a Company in Sage 50

Steps to Add, Restore or Delete a Company in Sage 50

If you keep two companies or more than it, it is the best way to keep your accounts staged. You can use extra companies on the basis of their regions and departments for various financial years.

Here are the steps to explain you the procedure of creating new company, steps you need to follow to add or delete the existing company in Sage 50

If you are unable to follow the above-mentioned options, here are certain reasons that cause the issue.

πŸ’  The user doesn’t have license of more than one company.
πŸ’  The company limit in your software has met the points.
πŸ’  The user doesn’t have access to that particular option in the software.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Steps to Create a New Company in Sage 50

πŸ’  Go to the File, click on New and then click on Company.
πŸ’  Once the prompt opens, select yes and then click on Set-up a new company and then click on Next.
πŸ’  Active Setup Wizard open, follow all the steps of Set-up Wizard and then click on Finish.
πŸ’  Now, click on OK in the box manager.

The Sage Company has now been successfully made in your software and it is ready to be used.

If you Have a Company that Exists in another Computer

πŸ’  Go to the File, click on Open and then click on Open Company Data.
πŸ’  You may receive a pop-up on your screen, if there comes any. Click on yes and then click on Add Company.
πŸ’  From the popup window, go to the company that is stored in your computer or network. Locate it and then click on Ok followed by Next and then click on Connect or Convert.

An Existing Company is successfully loaded to your Sage Software.

Use back up to restores the existing company

πŸ’  Click on File, go to the New and then click on the Company
πŸ’  If any pop-up comes on your screen, click yes. Now, restore data from backup file. To locate the back-up, πŸ’  Browse the file or type back-up file path. Click on Open, then Next and then Restore.
πŸ’  Here, you need to enter the credentials: Username and password.
πŸ’  With the help of backup, you have successfully restored the backup of your Company in your Sage Account.

Steps to Delete the Company

πŸ’  Make sure that the company you want to delete should not be logged-in.
πŸ’  Click on File then click on Delete Company and then click on Yes.
πŸ’  Click on the company you want to delete. A dialogue box will appear, click on OK and then Yes.

The company has now successfully been deleted.

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