Sage 50c Premium and Sage 50 Premium Compatible

Sage 50c Premium and Sage 50 Premium Compatible software

Sage 50c Premium and Sage 50 Premium compatible are two of the most popular types of compatible software on the market. Both programs offer a variety of benefits for businesses, including: The ability to easily create and manage records. The ability to track expenses and budgets .The ability to collaborate with colleagues .The ability to access data from various sources. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, affordable solution that can help your business take advantage of the latest technologies, look no further than Sage 50c Premium and Sage 50 Premium compatible.

Sage has always been at the forefront when it comes to being able to offer the best and the latest features for your business. Being one of the most sought-after Accounting software, Sage ensures that it continues to update and upgrade keeping in mind the various financial trends. Sage C is the latest offering from this remarkable software that has grabbed the headlines today. So, what are Sage 50c Premium And Sage 50 Premium Compatible and how is it different? That and more about it ahead in the blog.

The Sage C Premium: what is it all About?

This is the latest feature of Sage and aims at replacing Sage 50 Accounts. It is powered by Microsoft Office 365 and brings together desktop accounting software with secure Cloud and mobile access. Thus, the user can now easily access their data, contacts, performance, records, key tasks and documents as and when required. However, one should bear in mind that the Sage C comprises all the features of the Sage 50 desktop software except only better. 

The reason for the enhanced features in Sage C is that it utilizes the Cloud technology that offers new features and plenty of benefits. Let us take a look at some of the main advantages.

The Advantages of the Sage C Premium

  • Outlook Integration: Now, users can easily access their data transactions, files and much more through Outlook.
  • Powered By Office 365: One can easily access the Cloud version and the latest desktop version of Office. This includes storage, emails, and Video.
  • Secured Cloud and Mobile Access: One can easily view a ‘Live’ Copy of the data that has been forwarded to Office 365 for all to view.
  • Easy Access: One can easily access various data as required either from mobile, desktop, or web applications. Thus you have real-time access to the financial data and information.
  • Automated Cloud Backup: One can easily enjoy the benefits of Cloud backup without any interruptions to the ongoing process and operations
  • Document Attachments for Transactions: One can easily store and capture the business paperwork using Sage capture during ongoing transactions

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The Various Advanced Features of the Sage 50 C

Let us take a look at some of the better features of Sage 50 C

  • Cash Flow and Invoicing: The user can easily run what-if scenarios with ease and increased frequency as per requirement. This offers a better understanding of the business’s financial standing and status by allowing the user to stay ahead of the incoming and outgoing cash flow.
Cash Flow and Invoicing screen
  • Payment and Banking: Now, you no longer have to deal with manual data entry. With the latest Sage 50 C, you can make the most of the automatic bank reconciliation. This includes both making payments and receiving payments. Now, both aspects of transactions are included within the same platform
Payment and Banking Screen
  • Advanced Inventory Management: Now, the users can easily manage the spending and efficiency of the track stock levels. You can also take a look at the quantities at present when trying to rise an invoice and get the alerts in case of low or no stock
Advanced Inventory Management screen
  • Job Costing: One can easily set the records, phases and cost codes in order to better control the cost of the jobs. Now, one can easily take a look at the projects that offer better revenue and opportunity to improve your profits.
  • Payroll: Now, with the better and more advanced Sage 50 C, the user can easily pay their employees on time. This also includes accurate tax calculations for employee withholding, automated W2s and tax forms
  • Reporting: Now,  the user can enjoy a simple one-click report for better-informed business decisions. One can also run unlimited reports on sales taxes, profits, expenses and a lot more

Sage 50 C for Enhanced Business

Now, how good is Sage 50 C for your business? Do you need it at all? Well, lets take a look at what makes Sage 50 C one of the best things that can change your business overnight

  • One can save more time, from the moment you set up the software. Hence, this means more productivity and better time management. 
  • To create the Vendor and Customer records in record time with ease, hence the user can start processing information almost immediately. 
  • The users can also utilise the supported apps with the Sage 50C 
  • Likewise, one can easily make the most of the Cloud access using the Sage drive. 
  • You can track your items with an easy overview of inventory.
  • Better security to protect the data.
  • Live Q & A for seamless problem-solving and more. 
  • This is more of a desktop solution with the freedom of online sharing. 
  • It also comprises various built-in user-friendly mobile apps like iOS and Android as well.

Sage 50 C has been created to target a large audience. This can range from businesses that have around 50 employees to more. Hence, Sage 50 C is perfect for small businesses in order to be able to cater to their financial needs in a jiffy. This also helps in being able to take care of the needs and requirements of a business of that size. With the new ‘Cloud capabilities’ the audience has maintained the software as a popular one.

What is Unique About Sage 50C

Here are a few aspects that set the Sage 50C apart from the rest

  • The Sage Intelligence: Being a powerful reporting tool, the user can easily access the financial data within a single easy-to-use location. One can easily view various data from a tablet, laptop, mobile or even a smartphone. The interface is smart with the simple-to-use drop and drag function which allows the users to make accurate reports easily. These can be created from scratch or with the help of the ready-made templates available.
  • Cloud Backup: One can easily make the most of online data sharing for ease and convenience. As the data is stored in the cloud, one can relax about the fact that all the required data is safely ‘tucked away’ in the Cloud that can be easily accessed at any time. This way your business is secured and well-protected. One can also restore the data, hence, one is always ready for the worse.

Sage 50 Cloud Vs Sage 50 (Traditional)

Now, let us take a look at some of the prime differences between the two versions

                      Sage 50 Cloud 

                 Sage 50 – Traditional 

Requires Annual or Monthly subscription

Requires the traditional perpetual license

Works on the Windows application that has been installed on your system. Stores the data on a network or local drive

Works on the Windows application that has been installed on your system and stores the data on the network drive or local drive. 

Can be accessed remotely by users outside the Office who also have Sage 50 Cloud installed within their local system. 

One does not have to maintain a subscription to use the software, hence allowing flexibility in usage. 

Some of the various cloud-based features include expense capturing and mobile invoicing that is not originally available in the traditional version. 


What is Sage 50: The Original

We all are aware of the fact that Sage 50 or the Sage 50 Premium that followed are desktop accounting solutions preferred by small to mid-sized businesses. This is available in three different versions

  • The Sage Pro (for 1 user): Used best for accounts receivable, cash Management, and Accounts payable.
  • The Sage Premium (for 1-5 users): Best for Audit trial, budgeting, change order processing, and automated tasks
  • The Sage Quantum (for 3 to 40 users): Best for industry-specific features, workflow management, and fast processing.

As one can see, the Sage 50 is a perfect in-office solution that offers a perfect out-of-the-box solution for a team size ranging from two to fifty. One can handle the financial solutions in a smooth manner be it a single system ‘official use’ or a multi-user license. One can easily share the data either from the desktop machine or the local server, hence allowing multi-users to work concurrently. However, while Sage remains one of the top Accounting software, it is not free from glitches. Some of the commonly occurring issues with the software are as follows

Commonly occurring Problems with Sage 50

  • As the software is local-only-access, it is required by the user to be within the office premise if you need to access the data. Hence, it is not accessible everywhere. 
  • As the Sage 50’s local-only database does not allow the sharing of the data with any external accountant. This is one of prime importance for very small businesses. In order to make this work one has to export the data and then share it using the Web or a portable drive.

As one can observe, it was due to these very limits that Sage 50 ‘Cloud’ was introduced. This latest offering from the Sage comprised all things great along with a bit more. So, how does the Sage 50 C version works?

How Does the Sage 50 C Version work?

  • You need to start by installing the Sage 50 C version in one system at least. 
  • Once done, the Sage 50 C administrator needs to select ‘Activate the ‘Sage Drive’ from the software.
Sage 50 C version Activation window
  • Once the Activation is done, the various Sage 50 C accounting data along with the multiple companies gets synched automatically. This is done between the desktop and the secure cloud server at Sage. With this feature being absolutely free, it does not matter how much space is used or how many companies are created. The data gets backed up automatically, which is great.
  • Once the Sharing is put in place, the Sage 50 C administrator offers access to the data within the Cloud. This goes up to five named users and it is not necessary that these users have to be your employees. The only bare requirement is that they need to have the Sage 50 C desktop software installed and you are good to go. 
  • Every User can access the Accounting data from anywhere and at any time, as the Sage 50 C software has been installed in their systems. 
  • In case the Sage Drive has not been activated, the software operates very much like the traditional Sage 50

The Glitch in Sage 50 C

While all is great in Sage 50 C, nonetheless, it is not free from issues itself. One of the major drawbacks is that the Sage 50 C software can only be accessed by a single user in the Cloud at a time. This can result in locking out the other users. Essentially this results in

  • In case you have five users that have access to Cloud, only one can work on the Accounting task at a time. 
  • In case a user is working with the Quantum level of Sage 50 C, then the other users will not be operating if and when the other Cloud users are logged in.

There is a solution to this glitch as well, and the experts have been quick to point it out as well. This includes the users in the company manually coordinate the times they are in the Cloud. One needs to be a user who is connected to the Cloud, as there is no offline access remotely present. However, the makers of the software believe, that this is not such a big deal, as the customer base of the software comprises 10 or less of users, hence, the problem is not a big one, at the moment.

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So, there you have it, friends. These are some of the major facts, features and aspects of the Sage 50 Cloud. In case of any further queries, you can reach out to our team of experts and we will be more than happy to assist you accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the all-New Sage Security Shield included in the Sage 50 Cloud subscription all about?

This security feature Sage Security shield included in the Sage 50 Cloud subscription is available in all new and renewed Sage 50 C customers. In order to utilize this feature the customer needs to register and create an online account. After, this the customer will receive a registration link within 48 – 72 hours of renewal.

Is Internet Connectivity a necessity for a Sage 50 c Subscription?

Yes, internet connectivity is a must for every 20 days after the Sage 50 subscription. This is for verification and also to ensure that the product is updated. Also, Sage cannot offer subscriptions to customers without connectivity.

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