How to Do Non-Routine Transactions in Sage 50

Non routine transaction in sage 50

Steps for Do Non-routine Transactions in Sage 50

The Non-Routine Transactions Method in Sage 50 can be processed easily if you follow these two steps.

💠 Issue the check
💠 Deal with the customer’s balance.

You will also have a flexibility of issuing a refund check to the customer. It works on the situation when the customer has an Open Credit in the Account and this becomes a valid reason to initiate the refund.

Total Time: 35 minutes

To Issue the Check:

💠 Click on the Task Menu
💠 Now, click on the Payment Option.
💠 Go to the Vendor ID and a list will appear. Click on the desired Customer ID (You can also enter the Customer ID manually)
💠 In “Pay to Order” option, the Name and Address of the specific Customer ID will appear.

Now, complete all the onscreen instructions (it includes Check Number and Date). It is same instruction as for all the checks that you use.

💠 Now, go to the Customer’s Account Tab and click on the Apply
💠 Enter the Description (Check Information)
💠 Your GL Account will be set to Receivable Account (The process is automatic) – No need to change it.
💠 If the amount is not entered, enter the amount in the respective tab. Now, select the print the Check Now and then select the Save Button. You can also select the Print Later

To Apply for the Refund:

💠 Go to the Customer Balance and then click on the Task Menu
💠 Click on the Receive Money.
💠 In the Cash Receipt, enter the amount $0.00.
💠 In any case, the step is skipped, the Credit Memo and the Refund will continue to pop-up on the Receivable Report with zero Customer Balance.

To Enter the Data in Customer Field:

💠 In the Customer ID field, click on the Customer.
💠 Now, click on the “Apply Refund” or any similar information like Reference No./ Check field
💠 You can leave the Receipt Number column blank.
💠 In the Date Column of the refund check, set the Date.
💠 The Invoice check will show the Refund Check Number in the “Apply to Invoice” Tab
💠 You need to check the Pay box for the refund issued in the Credit Memo.
💠 To make total amount receipt to $0.00, both the amounts should be on Offset mode with each other.
💠 If you don’t find any Credit Memo, create a fresh Credit Memo.

To Print Deposit Ticket in Sage 50:

💠 First, you need to make sure that it has a completely new Deposit Ticket ID for all the transactions; otherwise, the items (with numbers) will flash in the deposits.
💠 If a fresh deposit ticket is not printed, the same ticket ID will work on other transactions. The Total Deposit Amount will not be affected due to a net $0.00 amount.

To Know More:

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