Sage is not calculating the Income Tax deduction

cpp amount not calculating taxes properly in sage 50

Having problem with “CPP Amount Is Not Calculating in Sage 50” issue? The CPP is not being calculated while creating paycheck or showing that the CPP has reached its maximum. We are here to help you resolve your issue. Read through and eliminate your problem.

Resolving “CPP Amount Is Not Calculating in Sage 50” Issue

There are numerous possible reasons why “CPP Amount Is Not Calculating in Sage 50” issue occurs.  Kindly follow the given steps to detect the cause and resolve them:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Step 1: Verify QPP/CPP is marked checked to calculate

💠 Click on Setup > Settings and then select Payroll > Incomes
💠 Insert check mark in the Calc QPP /CPP for Income

Step 2: Verify the Payroll ID is Active

💠 Go to Help and open to About Sage 50.
💠 Click on Support Info.
💠 Next, verify the Payroll ID is set Active.

Step 3: Verify Employee’s age

Note: CPP is calculated only when the age of the employee is between 18 and 70 years.

💠 Click on Employees icon.
💠 Double-click on the Employee name to analyze the record.
💠 Click on Personal tab.
💠 Verify the Birth Date of the employees is correct.

Step 4: Verify Pay Periods are accurate

💠 Click on Income tab
💠 Verify the digit set for Periods per Year is accurate in the employee’s record.

Note: CPP starts to calculate only when the amount of the given Period is higher than the specified amount. If the amount is less than the specific amount, CPP will not be calculated.

Step 5: Enable PayCheque

💠 Create a newer Pay-cheque, and make sure the Calculate Taxes Automatically tab on the Pay-cheque window is enabled.
💠 Verify the CPP is now being calculated correctly.

Note: You will be unable to enable this preference if:

💠 Your company file is in history mode.
💠 You have not subscribed to the Sage Business Care Gold service.
💠 If you have set your session date onto the next calendar year.
💠 The CPP has reached its maximum.
💠 If there are changes made on the Setup and Settings. There is a possibility the check mark on Calc CPP/QPP has been removed. If this is the case, you need to replace this check mark in the column for every income used.

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