Sage 50 and 3rd Party Apps Integration

Sage 50 and Its 3rd Party Apps Integration

Sage 50, earlier known as Peachtree, has garnered a lot of attention from the world of finances. Especially accountants and bookkeepers have vested interest in this software as it eases their lives and provides suitable solution for tackling accounting tasks without any mistakes. The Sage 50 software was incepted with the motto of providing user friendly accounting solution combined with powerful features making the software professional enough for top notch companies and easy to use for novice and minimal experienced accountants of startups.

The software is filled to the brim with authentic and impeccable features that making accounting activities easy to handle. However, with frequent development in technology not all the add-ons are able to be added in the software. To enhance the experience of the customer and to provide much better way to account, Sage allows for smooth integration with specific few 3rd party Apps that enriches the user experience even more.

Some of these Apps Easily Connected and Integrated with Sage 50 are:

Credit & Debit Card Integration:

Intersect credit and debit cards with your Sage 50 software to save money along with times. Sage Payment Solution offers a reliable way to complete payments right from the Sage 50 account. Sage Payment Solutions and Moneris, combined provide impeccable payment solutions. It is one of the largest and most reliable service providers in Canada that was designed with the aim of providing customers all over the world with easiest and safest way of completing payments in time without any risk of fraud.

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Some of the key features are:

  • You can claim and make credit as well as debit payments right in your Sage 50 account.
  • No manual entry of data needed.
  • Minimal scope of financial errors.
  • Secured, fast and reliable way of making payments.

Smooth Integration for Checks & Forms:

Integrate with the app so as to get authentic checks and forms for your business. Now you can garner maximum benefit by acquiring easy to use checks and similar accessories. They are quite compatible with the Sage 50 software and seamlessly interconnect with ‘Easy Align’ feature. You do not need to make any changes or tweak the checks and forms. Just enter your details and then send it for print. The top notch ‘EZ Shield Cheque Fraud Protection’ accompanying the app ensures that you are completely secured any fraud like forgery, unauthorized endorsements and alterations. Reimbursements in under 72 hours for any fraudulent is an added advantage.

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Sage 50 accounting software when integrated with its awe-inspiring 3rd Party Apps, it takes the user to new level of development and account handling. In case you find any issue in connecting your software with these apps you can directly contact the Sage 50 customer support team at +1800 964 3096. who will guide through an easy way of resolving the issue. In case you find yourself stranded with no solution due to Sage support number not being connected, you can contact for instant gratification through their Toll Free Number 1800 964 3096.

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