How to Fix Sage Error 1618: Another Installation Already in Progress?

Sage Error 1618: Another Installation Already in Progress

Are you also getting the error “Error 1618: Another Installation Already in Progress?” on your screen?

Here, you are at the right place!

The Sage error 1618 happens when you are trying to do the Sage installation into your computer. No matters whether you are installing normally or installing the upgraded version. It is caused when another installation is also running on the system and it uses the same file that is going to be used in Sage 50 installation.

The error message you get on your screen is- Error: -1618 another installation is already in Progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install.

You have to check that if another installation is going on then wait for its completion and then install the Sage 50 software. Here, you get to know its causes, symptoms, solutions, etc. Let’s get started with the article so that you can easily fix the problem.

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What are the Symptoms for Error code 1618?

There are some symptoms that tell you that something is wrong or an error is going to interrupt you. These symptoms are mentioned here:-

  • Your Windows system got freezes
  • System crashes whenever you try to install the Sage 50
  • Not able to start the installation
  • Error message shown on the screen again and again.

What are the reasons that Trigger the Sage Error 1618?

Some causes are listed here so that you can identify the main reason behind the error. The list of reasons is:-

  • The program files are missing or deleted
  • Your registry of Windows is corrupted
  • Your system or software files are virus or malware infected
  • The Downloading or installation has some issues or it is not completed properly.

Take a Backup of your Data

Before proceeding to any solution, you have to take the backup of your data first. This helps you in restoring the data if the things you do won’t be done successfully. So the steps for backup are:-

  • In Sage, click on the file menu
  • Then select the option Backup
  • After that you have to click on the Next button
  • Select all the data files and again click on the Next button
  • Browse for the location to save the backup data file
  • When location is selected, click the Next button
  • Click on the finish button and then the OK button.

Solutions to Fix the “Sage Error 1618” Error in your Computer

The few solutions are here that you have to implement according to the reason for the error. You can also implement all the solutions one by one but make sure to verify for the error after every solution. When error is resolved stop performing the solutions. The solutions are here with detailed steps:-

Solution 1- Install the Microsoft Runtime Libraries again

  • Initially download the Microsoft Visual C++
  • Download it according to the system you are using 32-bit or 64-bit
  • The x86 is for 32-bit and x64 is for 64-bit
  • You have to save the package for download in your preferred location
  • After downloading, right-click on the package
  • Then select the Rename option
  • Now name it by adding exe at the end
  • Double click this exe file to start the installation
  • Then follow all the instructions properly and install it completely
  • When you are done, restart the system
  • Try to again install the Sage 50.

Solution 2- Check the Instances of MSIEXE.EXE are running in the Background

  • For this, press the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete and hold them together from your keyboard
  • You get to a new window
  • From there, select the Task Manager
  • Then it opens up on your desktop screen
  • In Task Manager window, click on the tab Processes
  • If you click on the name column then it arrange all processes in the alphabetical order
  • Now search for the file name according to the alphabet
  • Select the file and click on the End Task button
  • Now it is no more running in background
  • Then close the task Manager
  • Reboot the computer and try to install the Sage 50 and check for the error now.

Solution 3- Create the backup of the Registry

  • Open the Run window
  • Then type the Regedit and then press Enter button
  • It opens up the new window
  • Go to the File menu
  • From further options, click on the Export option
  • Then from the Export Range option, choose the All option
  • You have to save the Windows Registry backup on your computer
  • Now, when you are done with backup
  • Then delete the keys.

To Restore the backup File

Restore the backup file if any of the company data is missing or something happens to it. The steps are:-

  • In Sage 50 , select the File menu
  • Then you have to click on the Restore option from further options
  • Click on the Next button then hit on Browse button
  • Pick the Backup data file that you done before
  • Now it allow you to select the type of file you have to restore like data files
  • After this, click the Next button
  • After restoring, click the Finish button
  • Now, you are done.

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All the information you get in the article is correct and directly by the Sage helpdesk team to fix the Sage error 1618. The team is available to assist you whenever required. So you can communicate to the team members using email, live chat or toll-free number. They assist you by providing the solutions and answers to all your glitches that you are facing into your Sage 50 account. Don’t worry, just connect with the team and get your query resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What if I forgot where I have done the Backup while resolving the Sage Error 1618?

In this case, you have to check it in the Backup and restore log report. This report has all the information about the backups you take of your Sage 50 data files. It has the information of backup like time, location of saved backup, and date when it is taken.

If I have to verify my Windows Installer to Fix the Sage Error 1618 then what are the steps?

To verify the Windows installer to install the Sage 50 the steps are:-
1. Open the File Explorer
2. Then click on the My Computer or This PC
3. Now open the C: drive
4. Go to the location C:\Windows\system32
5. Search for the .exe file
6. Right-click on the file
7. Choose the option Properties then select the version in it
8. Now, you have to check the latest version into our system
9. If the version is outdated then update it if not then continue
10. After that, restart the computer.

What is the main thing about Sage Error 1618?

The main thing is that when do installation into your computer uses the msiexe.exe file in installation. This is the file used at the time of each installation done into your computer. So, if this file is busy with another installation or already running in the background then you are not able to do another installation into your computer. To fix the error you have to keep an eye on it.

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