How to Reset the Admin Password in Sage 300 ERP

reset admin password sage 300

Are you unable to login to your Sage 300 ERP Accounting software? Did you forget your Sage 300 admin password and are unable to retrieve it? Passwords play a very important role in keeping the security of our data intact. However, it’s also quite common for all of us to change our passwords for security reasons and forget them. Also, sometimes the passwords are changed by the admin without informing other users. In all those cases when you are having trouble signing in into your Sage 300 ERP software, resetting the Admin password is the quickest and the easiest way to solve the problem.

Here are Two Easy Ways to Reset the Admin password in Sage 300:

Solution 1:

This is the simplest way to reset your admin password in Sage 300 Accounting software. However, this solution will only work if the company does not have its security turned on.

  1. Log in to your Sage 300 software as Admin.
  2. Go to the Administrative Services and click to open the Users icon.
  3. Now select the user and enter the new password.
  4. Re-confirm the new password and press Save to apply changes.

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Solution 2:

This is a little tricky process and will work even if the company’s security is turned on. However, you may need expert technical assistance while following these steps. In case you need help, dial our toll free number 1844-871-6289 to get in touch with our Sage 300 tech support specialist for expert assistance.

  1. Log onto your Sage 300 Accounting software.
  2. Take note of the companies in the drop down list.  Once the ADMIN password has been restored, these companies will need to be re-setup.
  3. Close Sage 300.
  4. Now browse to the shared data directory and rename the SITE folder.
  5. Re-install System Manager or select the Repair function from the installation wizard.
  6. Once the process has been completed, you will have 3 files in the SITE folder: browse.ism, USERS.ism, and winuser.ism.
  7. The Admin password has been now restored to the default password of ‘admin’.
  8. Now click on Start and go to All Programs.
  9. Click on Sage and then click Sage 300 ERP 2014 to go to Database setup.
  10. Enter the Admin password ‘admin’.
  11. This screen is now blank. Re-set all the companies that you noted in the company dropdown list before starting the process.
  12. After adding the companies, open Sage 300 as Admin.
  13. Now go to Administrative Services / Users.
  14. Re-add all the users in the finder list. Check the shared data directory in the USER folder to ensure that you add the User IDs exactly as they are in this folder.

You have successfully changed the admin password in Sage 300 ERP and have logged into your software through the default password.


Simple, isn’t it? However, in case you face difficulty in following any of the solution steps mentioned above or are still not able to resolve the issue and need help, give us a call. Dial our toll free number 1844-871-6289 to speak to our Sage tech specialist who can instantly help you reset your admin password and resolve your problem in no time. Our friendly technicians are available 24X7, 365 days a year to ensure that you never face any technical hurdle while working on your Sage 300 ERP software.


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