Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an Error?

Sage Error 6002

Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error while installing the Sage 50 software. Though, we know regular updates are important for smooth functioning of the program. Every time whenever there is any new updates released then it is always required you to go through the download and install process. Many issues addressed by Sage users when starting the installation and Sage error 6002 is one among them. To amend this error with ease, you can read out the below blog post explaining resolutions and the possible causes which is hindering the issue.

What is Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error?

The error mostly encountered during the software installation. This Sage error code 6002 will appear on your screen with a notification saying that “Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error”. There can be multiple reasons behind the occurrence of the error like improper shutdown, attack of Malware and virus infection, corrupt or damaged setting of CD/DVD/Drive, and more.

Cause of Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error:

It is always important to check out all possible reasons that cause the error before moving to troubleshooting solutions. Let’s check out the jotted causes of Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error:

  • Multiple times users face an error because of network associated problem
  • Attack of malware and virus infection
  • Some impotent file has been mistakenly removed/deleted by users
  • When users trying to logout the system and because of improper shutdown this error occurs
  • CPU or hardware related issue
  • Due to damaged or encrypted files system
  • This error will occur when the Plug & Play service is not available.
  • Because of faulty lasers, broken trays, and other multiple reasons.

How to fix Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error:

Before you move to advanced solution, it is required to first perform the basic solutions that are mentioned below:

  • Close all running background programs
  • Check out your Internet Connection
  • Empty the temporary folder.

Try below resolutions for Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error:

  • You need to shut down your system properly
  • Download Antivirus software on your system
  • Any important files must not be deleted during installation
  • Fix out encrypt or damage system files
  • Defect free hardware as well as CPU
  • Must your software installed with the latest released version
  • Manually install and upgrade the framework.Net 4.0.
  • Run Windows programs on their device. Disconnect or switch off USB devices. The user must have administrative access to the device.
  • The administrator must disable user account control during the installation process.
  • Start the installation and run the program as Administrator after you’ve completed the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to disable UAC (User Account Control) during the installation process of Sage software to fix Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error?

Ans: Being an administrator, you can turn off the UAC security feature on Windows and it is only for troubleshooting purposes. If you’ve done troubleshooting, you’ll need to turn UAC back on because it offers an important level of security to the operating system.
➤ Initially, ensure all your software must be closed
➤ Press Windows + X keys and click Control Panel
➤ After that, click on the User Accounts >> Change User Account Control Settings
➤ Make a note of current settings
➤ By dragging the slider down to select “Never Notify” and then click Yes
➤ Finally, restart your PC.

Q2. How do I manually install the framework.Net 4.0 to fix Sage Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error?

Ans: ➤ First, visit
➤ Choose the Miscellaneous updates
➤ Click Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 >> Download
➤ Make a note of the file name, dotnetfx40_full_x86_x64.exe from the download window and then click Save
➤ Browse appropriate location to save the file and click Save You’ve now successfully downloaded Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Follow installation wizards’ instructions to install it.

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