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Sage Timeslips 2018 Now Available

In the recent years, the majority of the tried and true features of Sage Timeslips Sage has offered its clients a considerably more present day database, driving enhanced execution for those critical highlights. Controlled by the Firebird SQL database motor, Sage Timeslips 2018 gives the torque expected to drive bigger establishments of Timeslips (20+ clients) that keep up bigger databases than was beforehand, sensible with the Borland Paradox (BDE) database motor. Complicated slip and pre-charging reports, which takes 30 minutes or more to finish, would now be able to be produced in just few minutes.

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Sage Timeslips 2018 is Available Since 17 July 2017

Here we are providing complete details:

Before you Upgrade:

  • Windows 10 Computers

Timeslips 2015 and prior won’t run appropriately on more up-to-date working frameworks (Windows 10). If you posses Timeslips 2015 or prior, you should re-design.

  • Firm needs additional Licenses or Electronic Billing

Just at present supported items are qualified for extra licenses or electronic charging add-on module. In the event that your firm needs both of these, you should claim either Timeslips 2017 or Timeslips 2018.

  • Enhanced Database

Timeslips 2017 and Timeslips 2018 have another database motor called Firebird. Firebird is a type of SQL which has less occurrences of information pollution and less demanding reinforcements when compared with the past database motor called Borland (BDE).

  • Sage Timeslips e-Center

If your firm uses Timeslips eCenter, just “supported performances” will keep running with eCenter. You must run Timeslips 2017 or Timeslips 2018 if you need to utilize eCenter.

Features of Sage Timeslips 2018

  • Fast Bills : enable you to assemble a bill across the board screen. When you are charging a one-time customer, or simply attempting to get one bill out, this component can accelerate the procedure.
  • Expense Allocation Extended : Already Timeslips was restricted to three classifications for expense allotment revealing. With Timeslips 2018, this has been extended to 10 classes, including more power and adaptability in revealing.
  • Set the begin day of the Work Week : This setting influences reports that aggregate sums by week and gives you a chance to set a work week that matches how your firm measures seven days.
  • Timeslips indicates name records when My Lists are dynamic : While its just a little thing, this will most likely spare many calls to experts. Have you at any point taken a curious look at the customer list and realized that individuals were missing, however we can’t decide why? At the point, when the rundown is dynamic, your lists are sorted in the light of your allocated names. This was here enacted by mistake or initiated and overlooked prompting disappointment in finding those missing names. Presently a basic update will enable you to know to change to all, and “locate” those missing names.
  • Choice to demonstrate contact email addresses on pre-charge worksheets.
  • New bill format alternatives to control page break before united bill outline.

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Final Words!

Sage Timeslips is an important Sage software which is used in the finance industry to accomplish various tasks. The new updated version of Sage Timeslips 2018 is available for purchase with new features. For any assistance in regard to the new update, you can contact our Sage experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is meant by the ‘Timeslips eCenter’?

Sage Timeslips eCenter allows the user to generate time and expense slips over the web. This is to make sure that the user stays updated regarding all the important time and billing activities. The best part is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Is the Sage Timeslip Cloud-based?

Yes, the Sage Timeslips Anywhere is the latest, bold and modern cloud-based time and billing solution that is used for the professional services businesses of all sizes

What are the Sage 50 Timeslips?

Sage 50 Accounting offers a convenient way for the users to maintain a track of the time that the employees spend on multiple tasks. This is applicable for both billable and non-billable activities. For the sake of the services performed for the customers, the users can create sales invoices according to the number of hours spent on an activity. If the user is working on various projects, they can allocate the time or amounts on the time slips to one or multiple projects. Also with the help of the time slips, the user can track the contractors’ time and also add these activities over to your sales and purchase invoices.

How to use the Time Slip to keep a Track of the Employees?

Before the user can create time slips, they need to add service activities and set up employees. After you have created all the service activities, recording time spent on activities is a simple two step process:
🔹 You can record the time the user or the employees spends on an activity on the time slip.
🔹 Add time slip amounts to a customer invoice.
Once the user is done with recording time in the Time Slips window, they can also pay the employee based on the information recorded within the time slips.
If needed, the user can also change the billing options for a time slip activity. For instance, the user might wish to modify the rates in order to adjust for a seasonal sale or increased labor costs.

Can the Timeslips be used to keep Tack of the Contractors?

Yes. In case the user has hired a vendor or contractor to perform a project to work on your behalf, then they can enter their hours within the time slips window. This is applicable when the user has set up vendors as contractors. As with the employees, the user needs to make sure that they have set up your service activities before you can start recording the time spent by contractors.
The time slip feature allows the user to accomplish the following tasks:
🔹 To be able to record the time that the contractor spends on an activity on the time slip.
🔹 To be able to add the time slip amounts on to a customer invoice.
🔹 To be able to add the time slip amounts on to a vendor invoice.

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