How to Update to Sage 50 Fixed Assets 2018.0?

To Update to Sage 50 Fixed Assets 2018.0

Sage Group has released the FAS latest version of Sage. The Sage 50 Fixed Assets 2018.0 is exceptionally designed and embedded with new & enhanced features that helps the in multiple user access feature to the users. The current edition is a multi-module management system that is tailored for especially the small and medium business sector of all industries. Earlier known as Sage FAS Fixed Assets this edition benefits the users in quick acceleration of the growth. Some companies spent extra for insurance and tax due to some improper and ineffective management and depreciation of fixed assets.

New Features of Sage 2018

There are some latest features and some improved features that have been included in the Sage 50 Fixed Assets 2018.0. They are as follows:

  • Earlier via the date and depreciation the run not found in the in Asset Detail. It can also be listed in Asset list.
  • Sage Fixed Assets Scanner mobile application.
  • Also pictures merge updates.

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Guidelines for Downloading Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0:

The guidelines should be kept in mind while you download the latest version. It is basically for Sage Advisor Update (version 2017.0 and 2017.1 only). You will be prompted with the availability through a message that is displayed via your Microsoft Windows system. In case you do not receive any message, then you need to follow the steps stated below:

  • Move to start menu -> then All Programs – > Sage Program -> Advisor Update -> Sage Advisor Update.
  • Verify the latest updates, in case you are unable to view 2018.0 release.

Step to Update to Sage 50 Fixed Assets 2018.0?

Before you go for the 2018.0 installation make sure that the Sage 50 Fixed Assets version 2017.1 is currently installed and entire databases have been converted at least up to the 2013.0 product version. In case there is any older versions of Sage Fixed Assets installed (2017.0 or prior), you need to uninstall all versions before to 2017.1 of Sage 50 Fixed Assets before you go ahead.

Sage 50 Fixed Assets Users follow the Below Steps:

  • From the system hosting Sage 50 Fixed Assets browse to You have to click the login button that is on the upper right of the page and login to the portal of the customer.
  • When you log in successfully, Click My downloads -> Choose Sage Fixed Assets -> Choose Sage Fixed Assets 2017 after that that will open Sage Fixed Assets Download page.
  • Click the “Download Now” link -> Click Run or Open the download .exe file -> Click Run and then Click OK to start the downloading of the product.
  • When the downloading is complete next step is installation: Click Next then click Yes and click Next again when you are notified to click Yes to the uninstall question. Finally click Finish once the installation process is successfully completed.

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Final Words

In case you face problems with the Sage 50 Fixed Assets 2018.0 update contact It is a reputed organization that houses experienced and knowledgeable Sage experts who accord quick and feasible support in a very short time. They assure prompt services round the clock.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can one Upgrade my Sage Fixed Assets?

In case you are updating from Sage Fixed Assets 2023.1 or later, it is quick and easy to download the 2024.1 release via Sage Advisor Update. In case you are using version 2023.0 or much previous one, you need to follow the steps to download the release from the Sage Knowledgebase.

Is it Possible to Update my Sage 50 over to a more Latest Version?

Yes, it is quite possible, to install available updates from within your Sage 50 Accounts software:
1. Go to the menu bar 
2. Now click Help,
3. Next click Check for updates. 
4. Finally Follow the on-screen prompts.

Can one Add a fixed Asset on to Sage 50?

To do this, you need to:
1. Start by Clicking on Fixed assets
2. Next click New.
3. Now Complete the Asset Record window as follows: Details. Asset Reference* Enter the asset reference. You can enter up to 8 characters. Description. Enter a description of the asset. 
4. Click Save
5. Finally click Close.

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