Sage 50 Now in a Cloud Version Called Sage 50c

What is Sage 50 C
The increasing popularity of the software Sage 50 ensures that most important people as in the business owners, accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisers etc. all are aware of the software and most probably using it for managing their business.

Know About Sage 50C?

Well today, we shall glimpse about this Sage 50C version of Sage Software.

Sage 50 C is 2016.2 release of Sage 50 software that accords users anywhere and anytime access to Sage 50 software as long as the internet speed is stable as well as the workable Internet browser along with same version of Sage 50 software. Although there are three payment plans for Sage 50 software, the Sage 50 C software can only be availed through Subscription plan that you have purchased after 1st April 2016 or upgraded after that date.

Sage Technical Support

Sage 50 C Subscription Plan: With Sage 50 C you can not only work with your desktop version but also on the cloud. With this revolutionary software, Sage Company has taken a step in the direction of allowing users to connect with their desktop version through cloud because of which they can work from anywhere in the world no matter the time. It benefits not only the business owner but also the company accountants, bookkeepers and all those who need to work on the software from anywhere all with a stable Internet connection. To access Sage 50 C you need to have applied for subscription plan which we can easily broaden your work environment outside office itself. When hosting Sage 50 on Cloud your Sage 50 desktop software automatically gets connected with the cloud data while ensuring full security and confidentiality of the sensitive information that is being transferred. With this way you can easily connect with your accountants and bookkeepers that are already working on the updated file. With automatic backups and flexible user accessibility you would not need to perform any manual backups and other safety functions. The access is only given up to 5 users who all have the same restrictions and freedom as accorded by you for your desktop version.

Membership/Payment Plans of Sage 50 Software

  1. Basic Plan: This plan is only available in retail stores or for International users. With this plan under your hat you can give up to 3 calls to Sage Support for any kind of assistance in the first year itself. In case you live in the USA and have opted for retail version of Sage 50, the support team might just transfer you to subscription plan when you contact for activating the software. This however, is not the case for users living outside the United States.
  2. Traditional Plan: This is considered one of the only constant payment plans for the US users of Sage 50 software. The renewable prices are also very affordable and with constant renewal every year the rate of the renewal remain at low rate. However, if you do not renew the subscription and plans to come back to Sage 50 after few years Sage Company might put you up for subscription plan.

SAGE Support

Sage 50 C is well-designed subscription based software that can work with the desktop version as well as cloud. You can access the software on the go to fetch business updates. If you encounter any sort of functional or technical problems or have any queries go to our official website . Call to the toll free sage support number that is active round the clock. The in house Sage professionals assure full support in minimum time.

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