Download Sage 50 2020 Timeslips – Infographic

Much like most Sage Software, the Sage Timeslip is also worth the mention. This is one of the most-used features of the software and has been specially designed to help professional service organizations effectively and efficiently track the expenses and time of the invoices. Being an important feature of the very-popular Sage software, the Sage Timeslips helps seamlessly integrate with the various financial packages like Sage 50, QuickBooks by Intuit and also practice various management solutions like Amicus Attorney and Time Matters. 

One of the main applications of the Sage 50 2020 Timeslips is keeping track of the Billable Hours. For this, any practice or business will need to have a better way to keep better track of the attorney’s hours and the time ‘invested’ as such. Now, with the help of the Sage Timeslips, it is simple to control virtually every single second of the time tracking and billing management with efficiency. However, the best part about the Sage 50 2020 software is that it is affordable, and easily fits ‘pockets’ of all sizes. The Timeslip has been quite popular across various organizations, but it is the Law firm where it finds the most applicable importance. This is because law firms need the application of automated billing integrated into their practice management systems

This is what Sage Timeslip 2020 can do you:

Never miss the date on which the bill is to be issued.

It always remembers expense entry and time.

It uses automatic time capture to increase productivity

It simplifies billing and accounts receivable processes.

It quickly understands performance structure and simple reporting.

Intuitive Bill Generation

  • Its customization works on a drag-and-drop feature to give a professional look to your bill
  • It gives access to Litigation Advisor 1 and LEDES 98B which are Industry-specific formats
  • It’s draft bills contain a watermark
  • Multiple billing techniques and arrangements are supported

Time and Expense Entry – Now becoming Smart:

  • It captures time automatically
  • Expense, client-based task and customized list
  • Captures time automatically
  • Customizable, client-based task and expense lists
  • Voice to text data recording

Reporting – Now Made Simple:

  • You can create a custom report
  • More than 100 templates and pre-defined reports
  • Generate a detailed summary of the task reports
  • Guided report set-up for the report wizard

Manage your Account Completely:

  • Make entries of transaction and bill payment conveniently
  • Start integration of your accounting software
  • Define rules and set time periods as per your business requirements.

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Sage Timeslips eCenter

Sage Timeslips eCenter gives easy access to mobile devices and remote computer that gives them the ability to generate time and expense slips. You need to purchase this add-on separately.

Sage Timeslips basics

It’s very easy to start and use Sage timeslips. Every step of the billing cycle gets improved which ultimately gives you an effective hand on the reporting.

Infographic – Download Sage 50 Timeslips 2020

sage 2020 infographic
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Download Sage Timeslip 2020

To simply download Sage Timeslip 2020;

  • Click on the link below;
  • Now, it will redirect you to the download page;
  • The download will start automatically. Wait for the download to finish
  • Once finished, save it to the desktop or the location of your choice
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded file (.exe file)
  • Check mark on the User License Agreement, click on next;
  • Now, follow all on-screen instruction and let the process complete.
Important instruction: Restart your system once the installation completes.

Announcing Sage Timeslips Premium November 2022 Service Release

With the release of the Sage Timeslips Premium November 2022 release, you can benefit a great deal from the Sage Timeslips subscriptions. The software makes the hours spend on timekeeping and billing a lot faster, accurate and easier. This is essentially because the service release is greatly effected and driven by the customer feedback and the continued quality assurance testing of the Sage Timeslips

All Things New in the Sage Timeslips Premium

  • Resolution of the Balanced GL entries: This affects only the customers who connect Sage Timeslips Premium with TAL Pro and then send the entries over to their GL within the Cash accounting method.
  • Resolution of the Data Verification Erroneous Reporting: There are rare occasions when the customers using the Data Verification have experienced incorrect reporting that the A/R balancing requires to be updated after undoing the bills that also include your payments that has paid off a clients A/R.
  • Refreshed Branding: An all-new branding has been introduced by Sage that has been based on the values like: human, bold, simplify, and trust.The qualities are reflected in the new logo, icons and splash screens all across the Sage Timeslips.

System Requirements: Sage Timeslips Premium

Customer registration and acceptance of the License Agreement for Sage Timeslips Software

  • The Requirements for Workstation:
    • Windows 11 Pro
    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Windows 8.x (excluding Windows RT)
    • 300 MB free hard disk space for application files; additional space required when saving additional files (for example when printing bills to PDF)
    • 100 MB minimum if using local database
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS) not supported
    • Minimum RAM 4 GB; Recommended RAM: 8 GB
  • The  Requirements for the Server
    • Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012**
    • 300 MB free hard disk space for application files
    • 100 MB minimum for database files
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS) not supported 
    • Minimum RAM 8 GB; Recommended RAM: 16 GB
  • The Requirements for the Terminal Server
    • Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012R2
    • Minimum RAM 8 GB; Recommended RAM: 16 GB
  • Internet connection is necessary  for uninterrupted use of Sage Timeslips Premium; also high-speed Internet connections is recommended
    • The various Supported Internet browsers
      • Internet Explorer 11
      • Microsoft Edge
  • One also needs Wired network connectivity . Network adapter which is appropriate to your kind of network is also required; for this highest quality network hardware is recommended as the wireless network connectivity not compatible
  • Adobe Reader to review PDF files (Adobe Reader v11 is included with the Sage Timeslips installation); additional 25 MB of hard disk space required for Adobe Reader installation
  • Display supporting 1024×768; 1024×768 or higher resolution is also recommended. 
  • PC-compatible keyboard, mouse, and printer; printing on both sides of paper needs to comprised of  duplex compatible printer
  • 14.4 KBps modem in case using the dialing features within Sage Timeslips; 56KBps modem is also recommended. 
  • Sending bills and statements by email needs  MAPI-compliant email program such as Microsoft Outlook, not compatible with Outlook Express and AOL email
  • Receiving of slips by email needs  Microsoft Outlook 2019*, 2016, 2013 32-bit editions on the system that receives the slips.
  • Outlook Link integration needs Microsoft Outlook 2019*, 2016, 2013 32-bit editions
  • Print to Excel feature needs Microsoft Excel 2019*, 2016, 2013
  • Mail Merge functionality needs Microsoft Word 2019*, 2016, 2013
  • Scanning of the functionality in Slip Attachments and Document Access needs the TWAIN compatible scanner.
  • Sound card and speakers are also recommended  for enhanced interaction.
  • Microphone or headset are needed  for Speech Recognition support.

Sage Timeslips Premium and 2019+  Integration/Compatibility Requirements

  • Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2021*, 2020
  • Sage DacEasy 2015
  • Sage BusinessWorks 2015
  • Sage Payment Solutions Sage Exchange v2.0.2.82
  • Intuit QuickBooks 2021*, 2022 x64* Desktop versions
  • Amicus Attorney v20 – 
  • Abacus – Not compatible 
  • Time Matters 16.3 
  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook | Excel | Word) 32 Bit versions only.

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So, there you have it people, these are some of the facts, features and aspects about how to Download Sage 50 2020 Timeslips. For any further assistance, feel free to drop by for a better understanding of all the latest updates and headlines about Sage and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is meant by Time and Billing Software?

The main function of the Time and Billing software is to help the individual/organization to keep track of the time spent on the bills and projects accurately.

How to keep Track of the Time for Billing?

The Sage Time slips help in keeping track of both the billing and the time using the ‘Timeslip’.This works like a ‘timekeeper’ that creates a new slip for the various tasks that they might have across the day for the clients. Once the slip is entered, one can easily enter the time spent or start the timer for the exact time tracking. As and when the slips are entered for a particular client, one can easily generate the bill for the client.

What is the main Purpose of the Time-Tracking Software?

The time tracking software allows the user and their team to keep track of the time that is spent on a certain task, and projects for that specific client. This way your firm is compensated precisely for the hours that have been worked upon

Can Sage Timeslips integrate with Lawpay or QuickBooks?

Yes, Timeslips can easily integrate with various other popular tools like Lawpay, and QuickBooks. It is also quite easy and simple to accept payments for a certain firm.

Is there an App for Sage Timeslips?

In order to protect and secure the data slip of the client. However, there is no mobile app at present for the Sage Timeslip. As for the users who require the freedom of a web-based application, it is available. This app offers the flexibility of entering your time from any device, or web browser.

How is the Sage Timeslip Used?

There is a wide range of tutorials, articles and support available for being able to use the Timeslip

Is there a Cloud Version available for the Sage Timeslip?

Yes, there is going to be the all-cool Cloud version available for the Sage Timeslip by this Spring 2023. The best part is that various websites have the ‘early adopter’ Pricing that is up for grabs till September 30th 2023.

What is the Cost of the Sage Timeslip?

The cost of the Sage timeslip greatly depends upon the kind of features that are offered along with the software. However, it has a starting price of $47/month which includes powerful time tracking, invoicing and much more.

How does one Enter the Payments in the Sage Timeslips?

To enter the payment within the Sage Timeslips you need to:
🔹 Go to the Transactions
🔹 Now go to the Accounts Receivable tab.
🔹 Next, Select the yellow add (+) button.
🔹 Now Change the Type dropdown to Payment.
🔹 Click Select the Client
🔹 Next, enter the date
🔹 Now check the number and amount as required
🔹 Finally, Click Apply All
🔹 Click Save.

Can you Add Clients within Sage Timeslips?

Yes, one can easily add clients within Sage Timeslips by:
🔹 Start by Selecting the  Names, Client Info.
🔹 Now Click the yellow add (+) on the toolbar.
🔹 Next, Enter any desired nickname for your client.
🔹 Go to the “Set up this record to match fields from list” and select a template from here. 
🔹 In case you have templates set up, you can choose to use the default settings from the template. 
🔹 Now Click Apply defaults.
🔹 Next, Enter or edit information as needed.
🔹 Finally, Click Save.

Can one set up a Time on Sage Timeslips?

Yes, it is possible to set up time on Sage Timeslips by the Slip Entry, Slip Timers, TimeCaptures, eCenter, Timesheet entry and more

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