Signing Up & Migrating Data from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR and Payroll

Signing Up & Migrating Data

With amazing features and innovative tools embedded in it, the Sage accounting software has been a perfect foil for businesses while performing their regular accounting activities. Data migration is such an important feature incorporated in Sage 50. If you are yet to use this feature in Sage 50 CA, you are missing something for sure! 

In this blog, we are going to address a query received from several users of Sage 50 CA. They were asking about the procedure to migrate data from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR and Payroll. If you are also not sure how to go about this, please go through this blog till the end.

How to Migrate from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR and Payroll?

To facilitate data migration, Sage has incorporated in it an efficient tool named the Sage Migration Tool. It will also let you share files and settings between different workstations. You will need to first download this tool on your workstation or the server. After this, please follow the steps listed below-

  • After you have downloaded the tool, click on Run.
  • Review the terms and conditions. If you agree with it, click on ‘agree’.
  • Choose Install.
  • Wait till the installation is finished
  • Choose Launch.
  • Select where you are migrating from. In this case, it is Sage 50 CA
  • Select where you are migrating to. In this case, it is Sage HR & Payroll
  • Click Next to proceed
  • information about the upcoming migration will be displayed on your screen
  • Review it and if satisfied, click Next.
  • Browse to you’re the location where your company file is stored
  • Locate and select the Sage 50 file with an extension .SAI 
  • Click Next to proceed
  • specify the file name and the location 
  • Enter your sysadmin password
  • Choose Next.
  • Review the information displayed regarding your Sage 50 company
  • If satisfied, click Next.
  • Select the employee records to export
  • Click Next.
  • Browse to the particular location where you would like to export the file
  • Choose Next.
  • If you think you need to make any changes, click on Back
  • If ready to go ahead with the migration, click Create.

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Please Note: if you browse to the location of the export. You will see a summary report, and an Excel file. These can be imported into Sage HR. You can view this file to check the data to be imported.

Points to consider before initiating the Sage 50 Data Migration Process

Considering certain points listed below would help you avoid possible issues related to data migration in Sage 50

  • Make sure to take proper data backup 
  • Verify if your data is free from errors
  • The Sage migration tool works only with 9.8 accounting update 6.3 and later. Hence, you will need to upgrade the software to 6.3 before starting the migration. 
  • To avoid issues, run your file on the Sage.STO.ServerMigrator.exe (not on Sage.STO.ServerDataMigrator.exe) 
  • To avoid errors, verify if your data, settings and reports are working seamlessly on the new server
  • Check if the new server has ample space for the installation. 
  • Make sure to have the admin privileges for the new server. In addition, minimize the read permission to the old server.

In the section above, we have discussed how you can migrate data from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR & Payroll. We have also discussed the Sage Migration Tool. If you are having any issues while using the Sage 50 data migration tool or if you have any other queries, you may consult with some authorized Sage professionals 1800 964 3096.

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

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What is the Procedure to Import Data to Sage HR?

Please follow the steps below-
🔹 Log into Sage HR.
🔹 Now go to Company.
🔹 From the top-right, click on Import.
🔹 Browse to the file that has been exported with the help of the Sage migration tool.
🔹 Specify the policies to be added to the imported employees
🔹 Click on Import.
🔹 Add missing information, if any, to your employees as needed.

How to Migrate Macros using the Sage Migration Tool?

🔹 Navigate to the ..\Timberline Office\Shared folder 
🔹 Run the Sage.STO.ServerDataMigrator.exe program
🔹 Check the box in the Select column to choose the Company(ies) you want to migrate 
🔹 Click on Migrate macros
🔹 Click on Change in the Server Data Migration – Macro Printers window. This is to specify the printer you wish to use after migration. 
🔹 Select the Migrate macros tab
🔹 Review the ServerDataMigrationLog to check if the migration was successful 
🔹 Select Close, once done

What causes the Occurrence of the Sage Migration Tool Password Error?

Many reasons may contribute to the occurrence of this error. Some of these are listed below-
🔹 The password may have been reset
🔹 The User Name and/or Password is not working
🔹 An incorrect password may have been used
🔹 Some issues while accessing the company
🔹 The User name and/or password not working after an upgrade
🔹 Forgot the password or username

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